WOW, where have I been?

Hey my beauties, okay it has been a loooong 5 months away from this blog. I am so sorry that I have fallen off once again, my resolution for this year is to stay consistent in anything that I do and I would like to get back into the groove of readings your guys’ posts, talking to you guys and getting back to posting regularly.  I have about 12 drafts and I want to get a fresh start with blog ideas, so PLEASE let me know what you would love to see on my blog. My first post that I am working on is skin care related.


So anyways, if you care (which you probably dont lol), in September of last year I got so caught up in my school work and working more hours due to the Holiday season. As this year began, I took some time for myself to work, do my class work and relax a bit. I may or may not have been buying products to review for you guys haha.


Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next post! XO

Fenty Beauty – My thoughts and opinions


Hi ladies I am back again, school is still kicking my butt into shape and when I am not studying, I am working of course. Lately when I am using my computer, I am doing my online course work not anything fun usually so I’m happy to be doing something fun again!

If you live under a rock, you might now know that Rihanna released her own makeup line on the 8th of this month – called Fenty Beauty. So because of where I work, I knew about this release for a month prior but cast members were not allowed to take any photos or talk about the products with anyone because of Rihannas wishes to keep the launch on the low. I think this worked out well because without product leaking, it really builds the hype around the brand and products.


So yeah she launched her brand in over 17 countries all on the same day which is unheard of. Another thing unheard of is releasing 40 shades of foundations for her first launch! Yes I think this is the best thing about this, she wanted her brands and products to be all inclusive and I think she nailed it. So she released foundation, primer, beauty sponge, brushes, blotting powder, contour / highlight / concealer sticks, powder highlights and a universal lip gloss. So because I am a Sephora cast member we get gratis but I wasn’t expecting to get a Fenty gratis because there wasn’t a foundation shade sheet – well they did it super sneaky haha. They gave us the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation & a Killawatt Highlighter.

I ended up receiving the foundation in the shade 260, which I think was a good match. As for the highlight, I got the duo in Mean Money / Hu$tla Baby – which I was so glad becasue this one is the most wearable and the one that I liked out of all of the duos.

Okay so here we go (let me just apologize now since I dont have photos of everything!):

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

So I had 260, and my coworker actually ended up giving me her shade 270 and then I wanted to purchase a lighter shade to mix with so I picked up 230. They all mix well. This foundation contains 32 mL, which is more than standard and costs $34. Now I want to note a few things:

This Foundation dries to a darker color, and that does NOT mean it oxidizes. 

For a foundation to oxidize, it means that it turns into a orangey or green tone the longer you wear it. This foundation is quite watery so you as the foundation is drying down, the water is evaporating and then you get your true color. With that being said, you might want to get matched in store so that you get the right match.

This foundation sets itself.

With that being said, Fenty does not have a setting powder because the foundation sets itself. Any overuse of powder will make you look dry. Also I would work in sections on your face as well because this foundation dries rather quickly.

Before you use it, shake well.

The foundation is watery so you want the foundation to be evenly mixed okay so don’t forget to give it a good shake.

This foundation is targeted toward combination / combination oily.

Okay, so yes the soft matte finish is targeted toward oily combo skin. With that being said, if you are normal skin you can still use this foundation, but you MUST prep your skin. You need to use a good moisturizer to get your skin ready for the matte finish.

This foundation is a medium coverage.

Okay so to keep it natural she made this foundation a medium coverage so that it still looks like skin. You can alter the coverage with your tools. Of course a damp sponge will sheer the coverage whereas a brush gives you fuller color and pigment. With this, I prefer a densely packed brush (I use the brush Fenty makes) because it spreads the product evenly and gives me fuller coverage.

Not all primers are going to work with this foundation.

Because of the soft matte finish formula, this foundation will NOT work with a super mattifying gel primer. It will break up your foundation so just keep that in mind.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

This primer is made exactly for the foundation. It smoothes the skin and blurs it for a blank canvas. It is a white tone but when you work it into your skin it soaks into your skin without color. It feels more like a lotion going into your skin than a primer which is great. It contains 32 mL as well and retails for $32.


Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters

Her highlighers come in Duos and Singles. Like I said before I got the Mean Money / Hu$tla Baby duo in my gratis but I had to purchase the Trophy Wife Highlighter than everyone is losing their minds over! I love these highlighters. I love how the duos have one subtle color and one blinding one. I get multi use because I use the more subtle one as an eyeshadow! These retail for $34.


Trophy Wife is extremely pigmented and glittery.

Okay this highlight is so beautiful but you have to work a bit with it. If you use it on the eyes (like I have) use setting spray and a glitter glue or else you’re gonna have hella fall out. For the cheeks, use a denser brush so distribute the product instead of a fluffy one because that will kick up glitter and it will go everywhere.



Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow

This gloss comes in one universal shade and it makes your lips looks so luscious and juicy without the stickiness of a gloss and is very long wearing. Not only that, the doefoot is huge and covers a lot of surface area. I love this gloss and that says a lot in itself because I usually despise glosses. The Gloss retails for $18.

Full Bodied Foundation Brush #110

Okay so I know this isn’t completely necessary but this brush just called for me. First of all love the color and the bristles felt really dense and soft. The reason why I got this brush is so that the foundation is higher coverage. This brush applies my foundation without brush marks and it allows me to get in between my brows, under eyes and around my nose with ease. It is synthetic bristles and retails for $34.



Invisimatte Blotting Powder

Okay so this is a great item because my nose and t zone get oily and I hate looking shiny. Riri uses this on the red carpet to stay matte and it does not cake up or give you flashback. Fun fact, the travel brush for the powder is magnetic hence the shape of the compact. You don’t need to use a lot of product and it retails for $32. However I need to say one thing:

This is not a setting powder!!!

Im sorry but all of the videos I have seen, people are using this to set their foundation and I just cringe. That is not how you use it!

Okay so those are all of the things that I purchased. I only purchased these because they are items I was very interested in. I was thinking about purchasing a Matchstix Trio for contouring but we will see!

Packaging: I love the simple frosted glass of the primer and foundations and it also comes with a pump. As for the compacts – highlighters come in an octagon shape and the blotting comes in a square but they have a lavender duo chrome shift in the light so pretty! Love the details. The whole line is super cohesive and makes sense.

Pricing: I think the price points are fair, with the exception of the brushes. I mean don’t get me wrong the brush was worth it but I feel like it should still cost less than the foundation not the same. Riri took inspiration from the Georgia Armani foundation when she created her foundation so I think that $34 is fair because I thought she was going to charge more (because she is a celebrity).

Final Thoughts: Everything that I have I love so much. The foundation is being used everyday and I get a lot of compliments on my complexion or my “fenty face”. I think that if you use the products correctly you will love them!! She is going to be expanding her line so I can’t wait to see what she releases!

Here is my Fenty Face:


Have you guys tried anything from her line? Would you be interested in trying anything? Let me know if you have any more questions since I was trained on this brand!!!


Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer


Okay so the Peaches and Cream collection finally released in Sephora stores after a long week of online teasers! I was so excited about the mattifying setting spray and the powder but guess what I ended up getting? The bronzer! LOL


For some reason I am really loving bronzers lately. I never used to be into bronzing like this before but now its like the step in my makeup that I love doing! Something about bringing warmth to the face haha. This bronzer claims to be a “radiant matte bronzer” which just seems so weird to me because how can something be matte and radiant at the same time? What really caught my attention was the packaging, the pie design of the product and of course the smell. It smells like peaches and cream and I love smelling it. I kept smelling it at work like a weirdo. It swatched very nicely, very warm and no noticeable shimmers. I have never owned a bronzer that had a blush / highlight shade inside like this one does and I wanted something different.

So before I ended up purchasing it, I applied it in store and I loved the way I looked. I mean I already had some bronzer on but it gave my face a slight sheen / radiance without being overly glittery because I like my complexion matte.  I could also smell the product going and I mean I’m pretty sure someone shouldn’t be so obsessed with the way something smells but I cant help it. I was swirling all the colors are to make my own combination but when I took it home, I didn’t want to mess it up. I do have to note that the gold shimmer is a spray on because once you get past that level its not going to be super shimmery which is a good thing. I find that this bronzer did give my face a matte radiant finish, again I know how can that be?

What it is:  A radiance-boosting bronzer for a soft and flawless-looking complexion. 

What it does: This must-have bronzer features four beautiful shades—Candied Peach (pink), Caramelized Peach (light brown), Golden Peach (medium brown), and Bronzed Peach (dark brown)—that effortlessly blend together to define and highlight skin for a soft, luminous look.


✔ Delivers the perfect blend of blush, bronzer, and highlighter
✔ Creates universal warmth
✔ Gives blendable, intense color payoff

I do agree with the claims of this collection and I am slowly falling into this Peaches and Cream business. But yeah you guys have you seen the new Peaches and Cream collection by Too Faced? I heard it’s going to be permanent and exclusive to Sephora! Would you guys like to see me incorporate this bronzer into a look? Let me know!

Also, I picked up a lipstick and the eye shadow palette would you guys like to see a review or swatches?


Random Collective Haul


Guys, I’m so sorry this first week back in class is already kicking my butt so hard but I promise I am trying! I have a few posts coming your way that I cant wait for you to see but for now, I’m just gonna show you how much of a shopaholic that I am because I just LOVE trying new products. (If you know me by now, that came out with so much sass) I’ve kind of just been holding on to these products for a bit so whatever I used I will give you guys my first initial thoughts on them.

Sephora Collection Make No Mistake Foundation and Concealer Stick in 08 Bamboo ($20)

I got so excited for this one because I have yet to find a good stick foundation that is more affordable than the expensive Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick because I don’t think I am ready to spend $46 on a foundation that is less than 1 ounce product wise. Anyway, because the discount was half off at the time I picked this one up. I have used it a handful of times and so far I really like it. Its medium coverage but very buildable. Its super easy to blend out and looks and feels like my skin but with a matte finish.

NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder ($3.99)

So I was in the store and randomly saw it sitting there and something told me to pick it up and guess what? I’ve been using it since I picked it up!! I use it to sent my under eye concealer and I even took a fluffy brush and dusted it all over my face. There wasn’t any flashback and I felt my makeup looked better toward the end of the day when I used this powder to set my foundation.

Sephora Collection Make No Mistake High Coverage Concealer in 09 Almond ($14)

One of my Sephora / Beauty Lover friends has been raving about this concealer and I trust everything she recommends to me because we have a similar skin type. I have yet to use it on my face but I have played with it on my hand and its SUPER pigmented, blends well and a little goes a long way! I plan on using this when I do a brows, concealer and powder day!

Kat Von D Shade and Light Quad in Sage ($15)

IMG_7709.JPGI got this because it was on sale for $15 and I really loved the huge tan shade because it is my perfect transition color and I felt like this would be a good palette to put in my bag and go with it.

Update: When I opened it, the tan shade fell out of its pan so I’m going have to glue it back in wahhh!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Peachy ($18)

So knowing me, you guys KNOW that I love lipstick and had to pick up a few of these shades for their new lipstick line. A lot of people were raving about how pigmented and long wearing they were and I was sold. Peachy is a true peach and very warm, something that I currently do not have lipstick wise.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Honey ($18)

Honey is probably my perfect everyday nude shade and I actually wore it as soon as I opened it up!


Cover FX Blotting Powder in Light

This is what I have been waiting to try. I needed a good powder to throw in my bag to control this oil! I took it to school and it worked out fabulous.


Anyways, thats my quick haul. What are some of the things you picked up recently? I would love to know!



Makeup Collection: Concealers


Hi girls!! I am back with another installment in my makeup collection series. This one is gonna be a bit boring because everyone has a different preference when it comes to complexion products. I am Normal to Oily Combination I get oily in my T zone and I prefer to have a matte finish for my complexion but I sometimes go with a natural finish. So anyways, this is my concealer collection (I know I don’t have too many):

  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealers in Custard and Macadamia

I bought this because of Youtube because this concealer used to be all over the internet for under eyes and I really do like it. I have used up a whole tube of Custard and repurchased it and even purchased another color so that I can rotate them around depending on how tan or white I am. I would recommend this to anyone because it brightens up your under eye and doesn’t crease as long as you set it!

  • Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer in 2

After my Benefit training, I went out and purchased this because I got to play with all of their products and this concealer is amazing for covering up blemishes over, under and without foundation! The only thing is that there are only 3 shades in this range and that can be improved.

  • Tarte Shape Tape in Light Sand

My bestfriend bought one for me while she was in Georgia because I wanted to try it so badly. Unfortunately, this color is too light for me. Its ghostly!! I might sell it on Depop or exchange for a different shade. It is super pigmented though!

  • NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Custard

My favorite concealer to clean up my brows hands down because it dries down to a powder finish. I can actually see myself using this whole pot because it is so pigmented and blends out nicely!

  • LA Girl Pro Concealer in Natural

I purchased this from my CVS because everyone was using them at the time and I didn’t like it under my eyes but I really enjoy using it as a eye lid primer! It works just as well as my Urban Decay one and its affordable!

  • Sephora Collection Make No Mistake High Coverage Concealer in Almond

I bought this strictly because it was highly recommended by another Sephora Cast Member. She was actually using it with powder and her complexion looked great. I want to do a no makeup makeup day with this concealer and see how it goes!

Okay guys that is everything in my collection right now. What are some of the concealers in your collection? Please leave me some recommendations in the comments below I am always down to try a new one!




Products I regret buying

So lately, I’ve been going through my makeup collection and pulling out things that I haven’t been using lately and trying to rotate and actually use everything. Doing this helps my remember / refresh me on how I feel about it.

I recently learned about the app Depop, where people sell their makeup, clothing and whatever else they have and they pay the app a commission on the sale and you keep the rest. It works just like Mercari and Poshmark, which are both buying & selling apps but Depop has cheaper shipping than Poshmark and I believe they take out a little less on commission. So anyways, I’ve been taking things out and putting them online to sell so that I can a. make more room and b. to make some extra cash! I’ve sold on Posh & Mercari a lot and I made over $600 by selling and trading. I think one of the best things about using these apps is that you can request a check in the mail or direct deposit into your account so you can use that money toward whatever you need to.

Anyways so this post is dedicated to the items that I regret purchasing and probably things I am selling / have sold on Posh, Mer or Depop! Oh, also because I obviously don’t have majority of these products anymore I will just link them.

Also, if you love any of these products please don’t take offense to this. These were the products that didn’t work for me.


Morphe 35O

I bought this for resale price, I think for $35 which is a rip off. This is the first big eyeshadow palette I purchased and I stopped using it after about a week. I recently came back to it and the pigmentation didn’t measure up to what I am used to.

Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Eclipse Skin Frost

I had high hopes for this one and I came to this conclusion: this highlight is DRY AS F. And, it crumbled on me when I tried to apply even more on top.

Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuits

Honestly I bought a few colors from Walgreens and ended up tossing some and giving the rest away. These liquid lipsticks were uncomfortable and super drying. The price point is great but I wasted like $30 on these, which I didn’t like.

Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation 

To be honest I got the wrong shade and it is too pale on my skin and now I am into fuller coverage foundations but its good for super light coverage and dewey skin.

Colourpop Ulta Matte Liquid Lipsticks

By far the worst liquid lipstick formula I have tried. They are SOOO drying and they crumble and wear off like nobodies business. I would rather spend a bit more money for better quality.

Sephora Collection 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation

I hated this so much, I had to return it. It made my face feel greasy and didn’t last long at all on my skin.

DUO Brush on Adhesive 

I wanted to love this because everyone else does but it sucked so bad my lashes looked so bad and they felt like they were gonna fall off at any second! Yikes I am sticking to my HOL Glue its truly the best one.



So yeah guys, these were just a few of the things (off the top of my head) that I regret purchasing. What are some of the things you regret purchasing? Let me know down below!


Whats in My Bag: School Edition


Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I just thought of this post really quickly because right now I’m kind of busy with school and I couldn’t post what I wanted to because like I said, my focus is school right now. I started my junior year at UHWO and oh my god you guys the campus is beautiful I literally spent my whole first day there even when I only had 2 classes on campus. I spent my time in the cafe doing homework and even in the student lounge for a bit.

I know I did a whats in my bag a few weeks ago with my everyday / work things but I wanted to do one with all school related things. So, if you want to know whats in my school bag then this post is for you, if not I’m sorry next post will be more interesting!

Processed with Rookie Cam

So I am using the same bag for class, the Michael Kors Jet Set Multifunction Tote because it has a padded slot for a lap tops and lots of pockets to put things in.

Macbook: Obviously need this to blog and do my course work

Macbook charger: Need to charge my computer if the battery gets low

My Wallet: For food and drink money duh

Keys: Gotta go home sometime and get to school somehow

Apple Headphones: For some reason, music helps my concentrate on my work better plus I love watching youtube videos too

Phone Charger: I can’t have my phone dying

Calculator: Need it for statistics because I can’t do radicals in my head

Sticky Note Tabs: I got these free from the school, I love them to mark my pages in my textbooks and notebooks

Notebook: Need this for Stats class, theres a lot of notes

Fresh Lip Balm: In case my lips get dry or I don’t wanna wear lipstick

Mac Yash lipstick: To touch up after eating good food

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder: Pat away my oiliness and keeps my foundation looking great

Duo Lash Glue: Don’t want my lashes looking crazy

Elf Powder Brush: Cant apply the powder with my hands

Pencil Case full of

  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Black and Colorful Gel Pens
  • Eraser
  • Lead
  • Paper Reinforcers (I call them paper buttholes lol)


So yeah that is everything I carry usually, but doesn’t include my binder / textbook because my bag would break from all that crap haha. Sidenote, I am so grateful for E Textbooks it makes my life so much easier. Another sidenote my Business Law class seems super intense so pray for me!

If you’re in school what do you bring? Let me know! Thanks for reading!



Collab: Anti Haul (Abby Uppington)

Hi guys I am back with another anti haul, since my first anti haul last month got a lot of great feedback and you guys said you enjoyed it. I am also sooo happy to be collaborating with the gorgeous Abby. I love her blog because she’s just like me – we LOVE our high end makeup products. She’s beautiful and one of the sweetest girls I have met on WordPress! So please please please, go leave her lots of love and tell her I sent you! And you should follow her!

I know I haven’t been the best with my “no buy”, because that honestly lasted ONE DAY! Ill get there. But anyways I have been seeing a lot of products that are coming out and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys! Just forewarning, I’m going to be super straight forward in this post, sorry!




KKW Powder Contour Kit and Highlight Kit

Okay so her contour & highlight sticks were in my last post because of it being heavily overpriced and products were breaking like crazy. I saw her swatch these on snapchat, literally the most chalkiest / powdery things I have ever seen. Im over this contour kit phase, next.


Pat Macgrath Mothership (Collection?)  Eyeshadow Palettes

Personally I do not own any Pat Macgrath items because I have no idea who she is, her products are so expensive and they don’t really appeal to me. She’s know for putting 4 items into a plastic pouch, filling it with confetti and boom you wasted $80 on that. I saw these palettes and I was astounded at the price tag of $125! For that, pass.



Morphe x BrittanyBear Contour Brush Set

I dont know who this BrittanyBear is, and honestly I could care less. I already said that I was over this contouring phase and these brushes are just boring and those oval looking brushes look generic and very stiff. Also, I can get these brushes from TJ Maxx for really cheap.



DesixKatie X Dose of Colors Collab

The packaging of the highlighters and eyeshadow palette is to die for, but really do I need another highlighter or a palette that I have to use my fingers for it to work? Nope. Im bored with their lip products too, especially the fact that the components are all the same color making it hard to determine which color is which. I love you Desi, and Katie but sorry won’t be buying any of these.


Benefit Beauty Stowaways aka Collab with Beauty Influencers

I feel like I am the only person not bothered by this. I mean the kit of the minis is a great value at $32, but why do I need to buy them individually for a plastic sleeve with Laura Lee or Manny MUA’s face on it? When I take the sleeve off it looks like a normal Hoola bronzer. Sorry Benefit, love you but no thank you.



Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection

I hate everything about this collection. The packaging is childish and cheap looking – which isn’t acceptable because of the price you are paying. Her palette is boring, her mini lipsticks are just repeats of other shades, her makeup bag looks cheap and the price for that bejeweled liquid lipstick is bizarre. The only thing that I was considering getting was the Ultra Glows but they’re always sold out, no surprise there.



Kat Von D Creme Contour Palette

Kat, I love you babe but I do not need a creme contour kit, especially since I just willingly gave away my ABH cream contour kit to my bestfriend. Give us a brand new palette please because this contouring phase is boring!



Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection 

I am tired of unicorn, halo and mermaid collections. Honestly how many mermaid collections are there already? I also don’t wear metallic lips or colorful liner. Wet n Wild makes some bomb highlighters but I don’t think this highlight will work on my skin.


Tarte 2017 Holiday Collection

Im just going to say this: Tarte please stop recycling old products, repackaging them into gaudy packaging and slapping a “limited edition, holiday collection” stick on it. When Trendmood leaked the images to your new holiday items I yawned because that packaging does not remind me of the holidays and I swear they look the same every year. Please come out with something new and innovative.




Becca “New/ Limited Edition” Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfecters

I dont trust when Becca says their skin perfecters are limited because they are releasing Smokey Quartz, which looks identical to the Rose Quartz one that came out last year just in different packaging. Nice one Becca, I am not falling for your tricks again.



Karrueche x Colourpop She Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is cute, it really is but I am just tired and frustrated with Colourpop right now that I don’t even want to bother with this. I don’t want to wait for a stupid restock, drop what I am doing a camp out on my computer for something that I am most likely not even going to get. Its not worth the stress. Also: side note yesterday when I went on the mobile website, the palette was in stock and allowed me to hit “add to bag” and it took it right out. I checked again the next day and it was “out of stock”.