Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquid Lipsticks


I came across these gems about 2 months ago browsing in a Sephora store at my nearest mall. I was hesitant on trying one out because the colors in the tube seemed like it wouldn’t look good on me and also because I was already using my Kylie Lip Kits on the daily basis and they are my favorite! The Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquid Lipstick formula is so mousey and creamy. It feels so soft on the lips and very hydrating! The product claims to dry down matte and it does, but it is not transfer proof. This isn’t an issue for me because it is so comfortable. The product smells very sweet like a vanilla cupcake but the smell subsides after application.

I have 3 of the colors so far and I am loving them. I first picked up the color Slay, is described as a dusty light mauve. Sephora had a mini size of Swag for 100 points, and resulted in me purchasing full size. It can be described as a blushing mauve. The final and most recent pick up was the color Om, which can be described as a caramel nude.


(From top to bottom: OmSwagSlay)

Though these are not my favorite, they are a great everyday lipstick if you are looking for something creamy, mousey and comfortable! They retail for $18.



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