Trying out Wet N Wild products

IMG_2848.JPGSo lately I’ve been strictly using high end products – but my favorite youtubers have been raving about Wet n Wild products and how crazy good and affordable they are, so I decided to pick up a few things:

  1. Photo Focus Setting Spray (LOVE, I already repurchased another bottle for travel)
  2. Ultimate Brow Mascara (LOVE, but it gets very thick and messy really quick beware! It also will flake it its on thick)
  3. Illuminated Palette in Catwalk Pink (Haven’t tried yet, but the individual swatches are very pretty making it a very versatile product. Very soft and buttery)
  4. Conturing Palette in Dulce de Leche (LOVE, it reminds me of my KVD shade and light palette – perfect contour and under eye powder for my skin tone. Very pigmented but very buildable. Very soft and buttery.)
  5. Color Icon Blush in Rose Champagne (Haven’t tried it on the face yet, but the swatch is a very natural pinky color with a bit if shine – could be a great blush topper for natural glow. Very soft and buttery.)
  6. Mattifying Powder (Havent tried it on the face, but its a bit shimmery for my liking so we will see)
  7. Felt Tip liner in dark brown (Not the color I thought it was going to be but we will see how it wears)


So far, these products are really impressing me – I would love to incorporate these in my everyday makeup looks!

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