Rose Quartz Shimmering Skin Perfector


On September 9th, Becca launched a new limited edition Rose Quartz Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed on Sephoras website. The packaging is amazing. Its like the normal highlight packaging with pink plating instead of black rubber. The product has a beautiful 3d pattern with .25 oz of product. The box is a light baby pink with iridescent color as light hits it.

I already have Champagne Pop and Moonstone and just like the others, Rose Quartz is soft, buttery, pigmented and long lasting. The color is way different than what I was expecting. It’s more of a darker, peachy pink than pale – which isn’t a bad thing. I already own a pink toned highlight which is the Urban Decay 8 Hour Powder Highlight in Aura. The two are very different.


Aura (on the bottom) is more white based with silver flecks of glitter and Rose Quartz (on the top) is more peachy, with flecks of gold. Both have a long wear time of about 8 hours.


(Moonstone, Champagne Pop and Rose Quartz)


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors retail for $38.

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