Huda Beauty Liquid Matte


I finally decided to snag up a Huda liquid lipstick from Sephora. I decided to get Flirt, which is a cheeky brown color – I’m really into browns right now. Huda beauty matte lipsticks are super hard to get right now, because the high shipping prices ($20!!) and they sell out quickly. Jeffree Star and Manny Mua tried some liquid lips in a video a month or two ago and he compared the Huda formula to his – which is light on the lips and just creamy. I had to see what all the hype was about. I wore this lippie once, for a full 9 hour day and I didn’t have to touch it up one bit!! The product smells amazing, it smells like chocolate with a mix of sunscreen. When first applied, it is a bit watery but when it goes on your lips it literally feels like nothing is there. I got full pigmentation on the first swipe. The applicator helps with a precise application. Halfway through wearing the product, I realized that I didn’t feel the need to lick my lips at all, the formula was so smooth. A down side is that if you smack your lips together, its a little tacky – but nothing too crazy. The color too is amazing, it reminds me of my favorite Kylie shade, Dolce K.

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