September Product Empties!

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg

We all know that feeling of sadness when you hit the bottom of your favorite product. What’s the solution? Re purchasing them duh! Sadly, I don’t finish products because I get a totally different product. This month I have ran through 3 products and bought full size on a deluxe sampler.


  1. Too Faced Hangoverx replenishing face primer: I received a deluxe sample size at Sephora and was literally squeezing the life out of this product to use every last drop. I don’t know how I was living until I tried this product. It’s an all over face primer infused with coconut water! Its so creamy and hydrating to my skin and feels just refreshing when applied. It honestly helps my foundation apply smoothly and evenly. This product retails for $32.
  2. Naked Skin one & done hybrid complexion perfector: I decided to try this because my Mac Matchmaster foundation was breaking me out so bad and I didnt want a really heavy foundation. This foundation contains SPF 20 and gives me light coverage. It almost feels like my skin but better and the best part, it doesn’t break me out and it wears all day. This product retails for $34.
  3. Caolion O2 Sparkling Blackhead Soap: This gem was in the Sephora K beauty section and only $5 for 25g. This soap claims to clean blackheads and exfoliate, control sebum, and hydrates and soothes skin. This is exactly what it does for me. It smells faintly of lavender and cocoa, and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. I have noticed my pores being less noticeable especially on my nose. Another cool thing about this soap is it is hand made! This product retails for $5 for 25 grams.
  4. Wet n Wild Photofocus setting spray: I mentioned this in my Wet n Wild haul, but this stuff is just great. Its really cheap and fits perfectly in my makeup bag. It has a slight weird smell but it goes away. I also like the way it mists your face evenly and just feels refreshing. This product retails for $4.99.

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