L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask

VSCO Cam-1.jpgRecently L’Oreal released three different clay masks – well I’m assuming they’re new because they had their own decorative end cap at the store. They have three different ones a red one, green and a black one. The red is made of red algae and is a exfoliate & refining treatment. Black is made with charcoal and is a detox & brightening mask. Green is made with eucalyptus and is a purify & mattifying mask.I picked up the Red Algae one because the location I was at didn’t have the charcoal one in stock and honestly I have normal skin so I don’t have a need for a “mattifying” mask.

Okay so first off, the packaging is quite nice for a drug store product. The mask is in the heavy glass jar with a plastic tab to prevent product from going everywhere if that makes sense. For the price of $12.99, you get 1.7oz of product, which isn’t bad. It is recommended that you use this product 3 times a week, so a jar should go a long way. Another thing to note about this product, is that it has a fragrancy smell. I honestly love the smell of the clay, it smells very fresh and clean. It can however linger even when you wash the product off. As for the application, I dug my fingers inside the pot and grabbed product – a little went a long way for a full face mask. The product states that 10 minutes is all you need but I kept it on for a little longer. It dried down quickly and I felt it tighten on the face but nothing too major. I rinsed it off with a damp face towel in circular motions (to further exfoliate) it was a pain to get all the way off but it was worth it!

Upon removing the product, my face felt very clean. The Red Algae mask claims to exfoliate and refine pores and I think it did a great job. Not only was my face as soft as ever, all of my dry skin patches were gone and smooth. The pores on my nose were noticeably smaller and free of dirt. The smell lingered around but I was fine with that. I even put this mask on my boyfriend and it made his skin very soft and noticeably cleaner and refined as well. I will definitely be picking up the Black Charcoal mask and applying these atleast 3 times a week to minimize my pores and detox my skin.


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