Neutrogena Healthy Skin Bronzer

So aIMG_3300.JPGs always, I’m stalking the makeup aisles in Target and found out that Neutrogena makes bronzers? Am I the only person that didn’t know they made bronzers? Anyways, I remember this famous youtuber raving about this bronzer and I was surprised that there were tons of product in stock! The packaging is simple and sleek, like everything else Neutrogena makes. The shade is in “30 Sunkissed”, and I really like this bronzer because it contains 4 different shades and you can really mix and match to make your own shade that suits you the best. One thing to note is that this bronzer contains a slight shimmer, but nothing crazy.
There is a some product kick up but overall this product is very pigmented and blends easily. In a weird way, the bronzer kind of looks better the longer you wear it? Or maybe thats just me. It gave my skin a healthy glow and a very defined and contoured face. This product can easily be built up so that you can achieve that perfect bronzer goddess shade. The product contains 8.84 grams and claims to contain vitamin C and botanical conditioners – which is an added bonus. I like this bronzer more than my NYX Matte Bronzer! This bronzer is on the higher priced side at $11.99, but worth the price!! This product will be put to use on a daily basis, instead of my Kat Von D contour palette!

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