NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams


Okay, so I know I tried the liquid suedes and loved them, but I had no idea that I would love the lip creams to! The lip creams smell like vanilla and are highly pigmented! Unlike the suedes, they completely dry down to a matte and do not transfer! Because they are a matte finish, they emphasize your lip lines and feel a bit drying on the lips. Depending on the color, you might had to go over it a second time to make sure your application is even. Unlike most liquid lipsticks, the drying is tolerable. The reapplication is nice as well, it doesn’t clump up like I thought it would. Another great thing is that taking off this product is easy as well. Usually with liquid lipsticks you have to tug hard to remove product but with the lip creams, taking them off were a breeze. Another great thing about this product is the shade range. The shade range is crazy! From peachy nudes, to brown nudes, to hot pinks and to vampy reds. I’m sure that everyone can find a shade that they like. It sucks that different retailers like Target, CVS and Walgreens carry all different shades – chances are the shade you want isn’t always there. Luckily the Walgreens I visited had the shades that I wanted and more! These lip creams are good for everyday wear, and my favorite “no makeup look” because its so easy and effortless. As of right now, I own Zurich, London & Abu Dhabi. I would highly recommend these to my makep lovers out there that want to experiment with crazy colors or my girls who are low maintenance! The NYX soft matte lip creams retail for $5.99.FullSizeRender-3.jpg

Zurich is a “matte muted rose.”

London is a “mid tone beige.”

Abu Dhabi is a “deep rose beige.”


I’ve heard that Abu Dhabi is a dupe for Kylie’s Exposed – but it isn’t, on me at least. Abu Dhabi pulls very pink and dark, while Exposed pulls very orangey! I think that mixing London and Abu Dhabi would make the perfect combination for Exposed!

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