Real Techniques Brushes


After trying the Real Techniques sponge, I knew I had to buy some of their brushes because I knew they had to be good! I ordered a few from and they just came in the mail! My first initial thought was that all of the brushes are so silky and soft, especially the big power brush! The only things that I don’t like about these brushes is 1. they’re different colors – I wish that they were either all the same color or each brush has it’s own color and 2. they don’t sell these brushes as a whole set! I saw the eye set and face set but I feel like all of the brushes didn’t work well with others if that makes sense.

So anyways, I ordered the powder brush ($7.99), the blush brush ($6.89), the shading brush ($4.49), setting brush ($4.89) and the expert face brush ($6.49). The only brush that I have used is the blush brush – which I bought because it reminds me of the Kat Von D contour double ended brush! I used this brush for my bronzer and I love it! I’m so excited to use the setting brush for my highlight! It looks like it would give me a very clean line on my cheeks! I plan to use the expert face brush to help blend out my foundation. I am a little disappointed with the shading brush, it is very small!!

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