Trying out Kiss Lashes

FullSizeRender.jpgSo, heres a confession: I’ve never applied falsies. I’ve had the lady at MAC apply them for me and even my mom a few times and I always thought it was too hard for me to do so I got discouraged. I received some lashes a few weeks ago and now I finally took the plunge to go buy some starter lashes, glue and lash tools. On my last Walgreens trip, I was staring at the Kiss lashes but I never bought them. I ended up picking up some of their lash glue, I wanted their glue because it has a little wand thing so that you could get the glue nice and even on the lash band and its made with Aloe – which sounds nice. I also picked up 3 pairs of their blooming lash. I picked up 2 pairs of Tulip (04) and Daisy (2). Luckily, one of the lashes came with a bonus glue, which will be great to carry around if my lash ever comes off. I also picked up a double pack of their EverEZ lashes in 11 – which is probably the most popular one. The double pack comes with a little lash applicator, which I will need!




So far, I only tried out Tulip and I love it! My left eye went on easy and perfect, Im not gonna lie, my right eye was a disaster. I guess I’m going to have to practice, practice, practice.


As you can see, my lashes are unevenly applied but for my first try I’m pretty happy with the results! Im so excited to try other lashes!

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