Night Skin Care Routine

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned skin care and I’ve been trying out so many new products and beginning a new night routine. These are a few products that I’ve been using and have really been loving lately!


  1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water ($6.99): I’ve gone through so many bottles of this stuff, its great. It doesn’t feel oily or leave that greasy feeling on the skin. I simple pour some product on an exfoliating pad and go over my face. Another thing to note is that this product is gentle enough to use on the eyes.
  2. Botanics Mattifying Cleansing Mousse ($7.59): This product was recommended to me by the No. 7 beauty advisor at Target. Lately it’s been really hot outside (as well as at work) and my T zone tends to get shiny and oily throughout the day. This is a great mousse to use at night and in the morning to clean the skin and remove all the extra oil.
  3. Pixi Glow Tonic ($15.99): I’m fairly new to the brand Pixi, but I do know that they are cruelty free. I’ve heard plenty of good things about this brands skin care and had to try it out. This is the first toner I’ve ever used and I’m not disappointed. It smells fresh and it leaves my skin feeling clean. I had a breakout on my forehead and using this toner, it cleaned it right up!
  4. Origins Super Spot Remover ($16): This little bottle is what I call my “pimple remedy”. If I feel a pimple is about to sprout, or I have a few pimples that have sprouted I dot a little of this on the spot and the next day it shrinks and is less red. This stuff does burn a little and it can cause dry patches but if you moisturize you’ll be fine.
  5. E.L.F Daily Hydration Moisturizer ($8) : I recently reviewed this product along with the bubble mask, and my skin feels so soft after using this moisturizer. I only use this one on my cheeks, chin and forehead – because these areas tend to get dry after using my Botanics cleanser.
  6. Botanics Mattifying Day Cream ($9.79): This product is a multi-use product for me. I apply this at night on my nose, because it tends to get oily. This cream is great as a primer, especially under a glowy foundation, which helps control excess shine. This product is great because it mattifies the skin and there is also SPF in it to protect your skin. The willowbark in this product also contains the natural form of salicylic acid which is great at treating acne.

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