Morphe 35O Palette

IMG_3500.JPGSo Morphe collaborated with KathleenLights from youtube and released the Morphe xKathleenLights palette on 10/25. The palette was selling at a very low price point of $14.99, but unfortunately I didn’t get it because shipping to Hawaii is $12, and I wasn’t about to pay shipping that costs just as much as the palette. Anyway, I was walking around and popped my head into House Of Aria and they were selling some Morphe palettes. I decided to pick up the 35O, which is probably their most popular one. I had the hardest time deciding between the all shimmer and all matte, so I just got the one with shimmer & mattes. I really don’t own that many palettes – I only have the Modern Renaissance and MAC one that you can add your own inserts into. Anyways, I am so excited to put this baby to use! I’m really trying to perfect my smokey eye looks and even want to attempt a soft cut crease using this as well! I will be sure to insert some arm swatches and a full on review on this soon!

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