Wet n Wild Highlighters


OMG!!! So I finally got my hands on the Wet n Wild highlighters that everyone has been raving about. I know that Precious Petals has been sold out since summer and it actually becoming a permanent item!! I’ve heard so many youtubers rave about these buttery and pigmented babies and I just need to get my hands on them. One of my fellow makeup lovers actually ordered us two of each highlight shade – because she already knew that they would be amazing and we would hit pan!

Now I would like to point a few things out about Wet n Wild. First of all, they ship with FEDEX and it took about 2 1/2 weeks to get our items. Secondly, Wet n Wild does not bubble wrap your items. They literally throw in one sheet of bubble wrap in between the items and thats about it. Sadly, one of the gold bars shattered in the box. She emailed them and they took 2 days to reply saying “your item is on the way” no apology or nothing? Another thing, one of my Precious Petals like cracked – it came out of the pan so its not physically connected anymore if that makes sense? If I tip it too much it will hit the floor. With that being said, I would like to say that I love the formula of the highlighters. They are very smooth and buttery to the touch. The glitter isnt too chunky and it gives the skin such a nice glow, but it can also be built up to blind everyone in the universe. Not only are they pigmented but they are so affordable! I tried on a Wet N Wild one compared to my Becca highlighter and they looked basically the same! It sucks that they aren’t in store – at least not in my area. Okay so enough with the rambling – lets look at some swatches

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals


This highlighter literally started the whole Wet n Wild highlighter craze! And I totally understand why! It is such a pretty gold highlight and it actually reminds me alot of Becca’s Opal! This highlighter is currently available and is only $3.99.

MegaGlow Highlighting Powder in Crown of My Canopy


I didn’t anticipate getting this shade because I havent really heard that much about it, but I’m so glad that I have one to try out. Its more of a rose gold highlight and I don’t really have anything like this one. It looks very similar to Becca’s Rose Gold. This one is currently available for $3.99.

Gold Bar Highlighter in Holly Gold Head


Holy Moly – I found my new holy grail drugstore product. Let me just say that once Kathleen Lights showed this in her favorites, I knew I would love this. Okay so this one is limited edition – for their holiday line. The packaging is cute because it has a mirror! How cool is that. Anyways I love this one because it’s like having 3 in 1. You could go full gold, peachy or peachy-gold! I just know that I’m going to hit pan so hard on this one! This one is currently unavailable and I’m not sure when they are going to be restocked!

For the price point, you can’t go wrong. These Wet N Wild products would be very ideal for stocking stuffers for the Holidays coming up – or if you’re a makeup junkie, you need these in your collection!!

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