LashMakeup_ Haul

IMG_3674.JPGSo I was scrolling through my instagram feed and Clarum, one of my favorite MUA’s posted a photo with @Lashmakeup_ tagged. I clicked on their page and was scrolling through their feed and eventually went on safari and browsed their store. At first I was a bit sketchy because they had 5 packs of lashes for like $5.99 and single pairs for $1.99 and I’ve never heard of this seller before and I couldn’t find that many people using their lashes even though they had 15k followers.  Well I did find one video of their products being used and I mean Clarum tagged them so they had to be legit. SO anyways I ordered 3 5 packs from them: “Valerie”, “Ava” and “Audree”. I think they were $5.99 or $6.99. There was a discount code on this girls page so I used it to get 10% off so my order was only like $17, and shipping was one dollar! It was amazing. The only thing that was weird about this was that when I got my confirmation email, the tracking number said “N/A” so I was worried but my package came like 2 days later – the shipping was quick!!! The only other “complaint” I had was that it was sent in a bubble envelope, not the most protective method when shipping boxes of lashes but its not a big deal. Right when I got them I trimmed them and felt them and they are good quality!

My lashes came packaged like this (don’t mind 3 missing from the first pack):


Audree $5.99


I picked these out because they are very natural and wispy. They reminded me of my Kiss 11 lashes. The band is clear and thin, which is great for the days I don’t want to wear eyeliner and it looks nice and natural. (I already took 2 pairs out and put them in my storage container so thats why only 3 are pictured)

Valerie $5.99


So it looks a little weird because the lashes are super duper long. But when I trimmed a pair to fit my eye, they are gorgeous. The band is a little thicker but very flexible! The lashes are very full, glam and LONG!

Ava $5.99


These look kind of similar to the ones above, but they are not as long and they are a little more wispy and natural looking! I can’t wait to use these tomorrow! I trimmed a pair and they fit great!

I will definitely be ordering from them again, but for now I have a ton of lashes! Their website is and their instagram is @lashmakeup_ . They are really responsive on their IG account so if you have any questions feel free! Also the discount code I used was Maria, which gives you 10% off your purchase!

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