Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrub


As we all know, wearing lipsticks for long periods of time everyday can dry your lips out!! Lately I’ve been having to slather on the lip balm in order to make my lips not feel so dry but I knew I needed a new scrub. I used to use the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, but lately I’ve tossed it to the side and I haven’t really been using it. I hear so many good things about Lush and their products! I was wandering around the mall and found myself going into Lush! My original plan was just to get the very popular Bubble Gum lip scrub but when the guy showed me Sugar Plum Fairy, I literally died. It smells so sweet like candy and bubble gum! The best thing about Lush is that their products aren’t tested on animals, they’re vegan and everything is handmade!

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 9.40.47 PM.png


The instructions are super simple, just to scrub some product on your lips and lick off the excess! The actual scrub itself is soooo pretty in the jar, it’s a pretty mix of pink, blue and purple sugar crystals. The instructions said that this product is edible, and I love the taste of this scrub! Unlike the Fresh scrub, the Lush one did NOT a waxy feeling on my lips. It left my lips feeling plump, soft and hydrated! I followed with a lip balm and when I woke up the next morning, my lipstick glided smoothly without a lip primer! Sadly this flavor is limited edition because its a Christmas one, but I would love to try the other flavors they have! And I mean for $8.95, you can’t go wrong! I overheard the lady telling another lady that Lush has a recycle program – bring 5 containers back to Lush and get a free fresh face mask!

Has anyone used their masks? If so which ones would you guys recommend for me to try?

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