November Favorites!


I know I’ve been slacking SO HARD when it comes to doing monthly favorites, but I’m totally gonna try to get back on track! This month has been harsh on my wallet, especially when shopping for my girlfriends’ gifts, I always end up leaving with things for me as well! This month for me was all about trying products that I’ve always wanted to try!


Wet n Wild Highlighting Gold Bar ($3.99)


I’ve reviewed this product earlier this month but I’ve been reaching for this highlight non stop! It wears all day and is highly pigmented- I can literally see my cheeks from another planet, its intense. It is buttery to the touch and I actually like this better than my Anastasia Glow Kit!

Beauty Box Lashes in No 8 ($5.00)


So theres a hole in the wall place in Hawaii called Beauty Box. They sell lashes, tools and even do makeup there was well. The Beauty Box lashes are made of silk and are very soft to the touch. I honestly love wearing this pair when I want to do minimal makeup, but still look presentable! I love their lashes because you can wear them literally 20 times, so you get your money’s worth out of the, and they have SO many different styles its amazing!

LA Girl Pro Conceal in Natural ($3.50)


So after looking everywhere, I finally found the concealers that so many beauty gurus use to contour and highlight! I love this concealer because it brightens up my undereye with minimal creasing and helps me highlight my nose and chin. Its highly pigmented so you don’t need a lot and it blends like a dream! It does need to be set though, so it doesn’t slide all over. I do want to try the color correcting ones soon, I have a contour shade and I hate it.

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm ($8)


I found my new holy grail drugstore balm product. It not only smells like shea butter, it leaves my lips feeling soft and nourished. I bought the clear one, for those days that I don’t want to wear makeup! You can get Pixi products from target, I highly recommend this one especially with winter coming up!

Kylie Liquid Lipstick in Pumpkin ($29)


Let me just say that I’ve been looking at this shade for months already. I was intrigued with the orangey tone and how different it looked on everyone. It was in alot of fall lip color videos and I finally cracked and got it. I waited until she had free shipping for US, no minimum. I love this color though, its the perfect orangey-nude. It looks scary in the tube but honestly it’s very subtle on the lips and is great for the fall time!

Essence Make Me Brow ($2.99)


Okay so let me just say that Essence is now sold on! So amazing. Anywho, if you are a fan of Benefits Gimmie Brow, you will love this product! The packaging is identical and the applicator is spot on as well. I love using this to finish and set my brows! It lasts all day and doesn’t crumble off like some brow mascaras or leave my eyebrows looking thick/uneven. This product could even be used alone to make brows look fuller.

House of Lashes lash adhesive ($8)


I will refuse to use any other glue. I love the packaging of this product because its pearl and pink! The product also goes on white and turns green/blue when its ready to apply! I love how it has a brush on it as well, for precise application. I love the smell of the glue as well it has a light floral smell. This glue also keeps my lashes on all frickin day, I used this glue for my Black Weekend shifts and my lashes were stuck in place.

Ardell lash applicator ($4.99)


Lastly, I would just like to say this product helps me tremendously. I love the tweezer side to help me get lashes out of their packaging but to also help get that lash exactly where I want it to be. I love using the pink rubber side to put and hold my lashes down while they dry so that I can get them exactly in place! If you struggle with applying lashes like I do, this is a must! I can actually apply my falsies so quick with these back boys. Also, the rubber side is good if your lashes are making your eye lid itchy!!

Also, if you were wondering I got this cute little storage box / drawer from the Sanrio store for $7.50! Its so cute and I should have bought another, its perfect to throw your everyday products inside so its easier to get to!



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