Shaaanxo Shadow & Lipstick Palette


Hey guys Happy New Year!! December came and went super fast, too many holidays and shopping! I wanted to do a what I got from Christmas… or is it too late now? hmmm. Anyways, I wanted to share one of my favorite xmas gifts that I received this year, the Shaaanxo palette. The palette was originally only on BH Cosmetics’ website and they recently started to sell them at Ulta and Now let me start off by saying that I love Shannon, shes such an inspiration and I love her accent haha. Well I never came around to ordering it online because I heard that BH cosmetics’ shipping took forever and I suck at waiting so I’m so glad that I got it for Christmas! A lot of people say that the Kylie Bronze palette is really similar to the Shaaanxo one and I agree. I personally do not own a Kylie palette because of all the mixed reviews – the first palette wasnt very pigmented and had alot of fall out and didn’t blend well etc.



Kylie on the Left & Shaaanxo on the Right

I am super surprised that I love this palette though, because it seems so basic when you first look at it – but I’ve been catching myself using this one alot! The shadows are extremely pigmented and buttery soft with no kick back! You can honestly create so many looks with this from basic to smokey! The shadows are very buildable and blendable and even last on my lids all day! As for the lipsticks, I don’t think I will use them because 1. I dont own a lipbrush and 2. I prefer matte finishes to glossy/satin finishes. I do love this idea of having it all in one! I also need to mention that this palette retails for $14.50 and has TWO mirrors! When you do the math, thats $7.25 for each side! What more could you ask for?


If you’re looking for a palette to try that is easy on the pockets, I would totally recommend this one!


Swatches: IMG_3975.JPG


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