Why I will not be purchasing NARS products anymore

This week we have received some sad new this week from Nars. Nars is a makeup artistry brand owned by Shiseido, who has been cruelty free up until June 27th. They released a statement that they are entering the market in China. Why does this matter? This matters because China’s laws require cosmetics to be tested on animals – before their products are sold in the country. This is very sad because Nars is known for their phenomenal artistry and beautiful products. I just learned that brands that put “cruelty free” on their packaging isn’t guaranteed to be cruel free at all, because the FDA does not look into the “cruelty free” claims.

I am actually very sad about this news because some Nars products are like my holy grails! I will not be throwing out what I already have because that is wasteful and Nars isn’t cheap. They make my all time favorite primer – the Pore & Shine Control Primer. I’m almost out of this and I’m going to scramble for something that is as good as this!

I also have two of their primers: the Radiant Creamy and Soft Matte Complete. I’m just about out of the creamy radiant one, so again I need to find another concealer that brightens up my under eye without making it feel super heavy. As for the Matte concealer, I have quite a bit. I will be savoring this one because there isn’t a concealer that is as creamy as this one but dries down matte. Its the best for cleaning up brows with and covering up my blemishes.

I still have my Laguna bronzer, which I highly doubt I will finish because I’ve just been reaching for my Benefit Hoola (I just found out they are not cruelty free so I’m sad). I also have the blush in Madly, which I can definitely see myself using all of this one up because its a gorgeous shade.

I am still going strong with my All Day Luminous Weightless foundation, I havent worn it in awhile but it’s summer time, so it’s going to be used more often.

Lasty, I have my Velvet Lip Glides in Bound and Stripped. Stripped is one of my favorite things to pair with a lip liner.

Anyway, I am so sad that I will not be able to purchase these products again but please let me know if theres any products that can dupe my Nars items!

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