My favorite product to clean my brushes/sponges with

When I first started wearing makeup on a regular basis, I would always use the MAC Brush Cleanser  (the pink one) because my friend was nice enough to pass it on to me because she didn’t have a use for it. It does have a over chemically smell but I felt that it never really got my brushes as clean as they should be, and I found myself using a lot of product.

I then started using the Sephora Collection purifying Makeup Brush Shampoo, which cleaned my brushes like no other. I was so impressed with how clean my brushes were and they even smelt good because the brush shampoo is scented. The only down side is that I had to keep pumping product to use to get my brushes clean, and I probably used way more than I should have.


I then wanted to try out Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap Bar because one of the Youtubers that I watch was using the bar of soap to clean her beauty blender. So I bought the Lavender bar to clean my beauty sponges with – and it worked even better than the BB Solid Cleanser! It even took out all the foundation stains that I couldn’t get out with my other cleansers! I then wanted to use the bar with my dirty makeup brushes and boom, took out all of the foundation stains, dark shadows and caked on highlighter powder. I really love this soap because it is very gentle on the sponges and my brushes, and really easy to use – all I have to do is rub the sponge/brushes against the soap or lather in my hand and wipe away the makeup! I can clean my sponges everyday after liquid foundation usage (to minimize bacteria) and my sponge is still in great shape, stain free and works just like it did when I first got it. My brushes are also not shedding or getting distorted in shape due to constant wash!

I want to also add that these soaps come in a variety of scents! I went to a store and seen Cherry Blossom, Peppermint, Rose and Almond. The Dr. Bronner soaps come in liquid form as well, which I have yet to try but I know that I will love it. The other thing that I love about these soaps is that they are so affordable! The bars are about $4.49 and the bar I am currently using has lasted 4 months so far and is only now beginning to thin out! I can already tell that I am going to be saving so much money on brush cleansers because of this soap!


And if you’re not sold yet, Dr Bronner is vegan, organic, made with fair trade ingredients and safe to use on the body, face and around the house. This soap is ever great for my guys & gals with very sensitive skin!! Go down to your local drug store and pick up and bar and give it a try!

5 thoughts on “My favorite product to clean my brushes/sponges with

  1. This sounds like a great soap! I use a bar of soap too to clean my brushes, I don’t think i would ever go back to the other kind of brush cleansers.

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