Updated Makeup Area


So my dresser top was getting so cluttered and overflowing so I sought out to get another acrylic organizer to alleviate the mess. My boyfriend originally bought me 2 3-drawer acrylic organizers from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Because I had crap everywhere, I went back to buy one more and I feel better about how it looks. I am not anywhere near the organization level that I want to be at, but I will eventually get there!

Here we go:


Here are all of my eyeshadow palettes, highlight palettes and contour palettes.


Right next to my palettes are my Tarte brush box set, Lash book, foundations, setting sprays and primers.


Next to that, I have an organizer with my face powders, powder foundations, Becca highlighters, setting powders, cushion foundation, lash case and my Real Techniques sponges.

Next, Im going to go through all of my drawers of my acrylic tower:



On the top of the tower, I have most of my liquid lipsticks, lip liners, lip scrub and lip balms.


In the first top drawer, I have my pomades, gel liners and my lash glues.


In the second drawer, I have some travel sized lippies, mascara, primers and my LA girl concealer.


In the first large drawer, I have my bullet lipsticks and various liquid lipsticks.


This drawer has my Colourpop lippies, and various liquid and lip bullets.


This drawer has my concealers, liquid liners, mascara and brow products.


This drawer has the remaining mascaras and primers.


This drawer has my blushes, some highlighters and my loose pigments.


This drawer has my lip primer and various primers.


This drawer has my bronzers, skin finishes and cream highlighter.


This last drawer has my Colourpop shadows, Morphe pressed pigments and 2 Wet nWild highlighters.


Thank you so much for reading and please link below your makeup organization! xo


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