July Anti Haul

So this new Anti Haul thing has been going around Youtube for awhile now, thanks to Miss Kimberly Clarke who is trying to help people stop buying things they do not need. Lately I have been hearing her voice in my head when it comes to playing / looking at new products and I know what I really do need vs buying everything because it is new. This is just my first anti haul, let me know if it is something that I should keep doing – because it’s interesting to see what people do not want to spend their money on. Also, just a disclaimer, just because I am not buying these products do not feel like you shouldn’t buy them either or don’t get upset if you already have these items, makeup is supposed to be fun and different for everyone so just keep that in mind.

Sidenote: I follow Trendmood1 on all platforms so that I constantly get flooded with new releases.

Colourpop #Gimmemore Highlighter Palette


Credit: Colourpop’s website

I feel like Colourpop just keeps hitting us with release after release and its getting a little repetitive. I am just not interested in this because I have SO many highlighters its not eve funny and I personally do not take interest in these shades. I know it is restocking soon and everyone is losing their minds over it, I just don’t get it.


Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette


Credit: Trendmood1 facebook 

Okay I know that so many people have been stalking this palette and those who own it love it, BUT I am just not interested in the palette as a whole. The colors that really speak to me are the blues and the cool pops of colors but I cannot justify $38, plus their crazy shipping fees for a palette that I only use a few colors in. AND, I don’t want to have to go on their website and keep refreshing like a crazy person trying to buy this palette.


Huda Beauty Highlighter Palette in Solstice


Credit: Trendmood1 Facebook

So I already own the Golden Sand Highlighter Palette, should I do a review? Anyways I like that palette, but honestly whats with the bright purple highlight? I would totally rock that color on my lips but I really don’t see myself using these colors and like I said I have so many highlighters / palettes as is. This is her summer palette and it has not yet released in the US and summer is almost over?


Ulta Beauty x LoveMelisaMichelle Palette


Credit: Trendmood1 Facebook

No offense to her but I do not know who LoveMelisaMichelle is. But even with that, this palette is boring, all colors that I already own in other palettes and I don’t need repeats. It is a good deal thought because the whole set is $20. I guess I have a disadvantage because I have not tried the Ulta house brand, and I would not be able to touch, play or feel because we do not have an Ulta in Hawaii yet.


KKW Beauty Contour/ Highlight Kit


Credit: Trendmood1 Facebook

There is no way in hell I am spending $48 on little cream sticks and a dual ended brush with a sponge tip. I have been seeing all these reviews online and I don’t know who to believe, I believe Jackie Aina because of what happened in her video. First off, the packaging is so cheap especially for the price and you literally get an inch (or less) of product – making each product “travel sized”. This is a hard pass for me, I can use my ABH Cream Contour kit with 10x the amount of product for a bit cheaper.


VioletVoss x Nicole Palette


Credit: Trendmood1 Facebook

Again, I do not know who Nicol Concilio is. This palette is boring, I have all of these colors if not better. “Neutral with pop of color” is nothing new or innovative, I would rather get the Jaclyn Palette over this. Not to mention is is $45 and Violet Voss shipping to Hawaii is off the wall.


Beauty Blender Swirl


Credit: Trendmood1 Facebook

This beauty blender is SOOOO cute, but do I really need to spend $20 on something too cute to use? I also have a stock pile of the Real Techniques sponges, which I love and do the same job as a beauty blender!


Kylie Cosmetics Wet Set Palette


Credit: Trendmood1 Facebook

Okay my issue is WHY is this $65? Kylie girl, what you doing? I have the Huda one, which the Kylie one looks so much like it. Everything in this Vacation Collection is priced so high I don’t even understand why or how people buy her things.

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette


Credit: Trendmood1 Facebook

Not only is this whole warm, orange, red color scheme played out, but why is Natasha Denona charging $130 for this palette? To be totally honest I had no idea who she was until people started getting on her because her palettes are so expensive I cant believe people pay over $200 for her other palettes. I had a client return this palette too and it seemed super delicate that a few of the shadows were shattered in the matter of days being in a damage bin.


Real Techniques Powder Bleu Brush Collection


Credit: Trendmood1 Facebook

Don’t get me wrong, I own Real Techniques brushes / sponges and I love them but I don’t understand this collection. When I say that I mean how can they charge $21 a brush for being a drug store brand? Honestly for that price, I can buy brushes from work and it would be the same price, if not cheaper.


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume 3


Credit: Musing of a Muse Blog

Okay I know I am not the only one who thinks this way but, doesn’t all the Tarte palettes look the same? They’re all about neutrals and its honestly getting so boring. Also, can I just say this is giving my Urban Decay Naked 3 vibes… but all of these shadows are shimmers. How can someone do a complete look with all shimmers?


Alright so that completes my anti haul for this month, I know majority of these products are palettes I didn’t plan for it to be that way, these were just things that I could name off the top of my head. Again, I follow Trendmood1 so I am getting constantly blasted with new launches and restocks so I have alot more that I will not be buying!

Let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading xo

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