Recent Pick Ups

Alright so you know I’m always shopping to check out new products and watching videos to see what I should try out. I’ve been trying to save money because school is starting up again soon!

These pickups are all kind of random and honestly not completely planned out:

Giovanni D:tox system step 2 body scrub ($10)

My mom recently got her brows tattooed with powder pigment, and in the little shop there was an area with cleansers, lash care and shampoos and conditioners. This one caught my eye, because I have never used a body scrub. Its made with charcoal and volcanic ash and full of vitamins and minerals leaving my skin very soft and clean. I googled this brand and there is a whole skin care line so I will possibly be ordering more to try out.

Sephora Collection Lip Primer ($12)

My mom recently ordered online and she purchased this lip primer and I really like it. It really does help nourish my lips to prep them for my liquid lipsticks.

Sephora Collection Mattifying H2O Gel Primer ($16)

I have heard so much about this primer! A lot of the girls at work loves it. As you know I am oily in the T zone and pretty normal everywhere else. I am currently using the NARS shine and pore control primer and I am looking for something to replace it with. At work, I was playing with this primer and I love the look and feel of it so I will be using it to work soon and I’ll see how it goes.

Update: This primer is pretty good. The only thing that I noticed is that you have to use VERY LITTLE, and apply it in one layer or else it will pill and crumble off. It did keep my nose shine free longer than my NARS primer!

Verb Dry Shampoo ($14)

I love Verb hair care. Their products are so reasonably priced and I have been obsessed with their Leave in Mist, Dry Shampoo and Ghost Oil. So I went ahead and repurchased this, since its summer time and my hair gets oiler than usual. The cool thing about this dry shampoo is that is it a powder, which was scary at first for me but I fell in love with the formula. Let me know if you’d like to see reviews on Verb haircare I would more than happy to do one.

Kracie Naive Makeup Remover Cleanser ($6)

Theres a store here in Hawaii called Don Quijote, which is a Japanese style super market. They have snacks, groceries, makeup, skin care, containers just about everything you’d need. I love going into the aisles of Japanese cleansers and soaps. My friend used to use this brands body wash and I loved the scents of them so the last time I was at this store, I bought the peach one and I was in love. I had to come back and get the floral scented one. This literally takes my whole face of makeup off, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean and for $6, this is a steal. I love using this to clean off swatches on my arms because it’s quick and easy.

Band.o Tumblr ($3)

Okay, I know this isn’t beauty related but I found this cute cup at Macys in the clearance section for only $3.46, I had to buy it because it is so cute and a nice size and hey I always need to drink water!

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