What’s in my bag?



I don’t know about you guys but I find is it so interesting in seeing / knowing what people carry in their bags. I’m really nosy and I guess it’s funny seeing if they carry anything that I carry or maybe some weird things that I wouldn’t have with me. I guess I would consider this my “everyday bag” but it kind of varies because I tend to carry a bit less because of course I have my bag checked while at work so just to make it easier on me, I carry less.

Well the bag I have is a Michael Kors Large Multifunction Tote, that Daryl bought for me at the outlets for an amazing deal. I wanted it because is has a big zipper compartment in the middle that was made for carrying a laptop – which is an essential for school. I got it in a saddle brown color because I felt like that color matched with everything and everything is easier to throw into a tote and go. This bag also has alot of pockets and compartments, which can be a good and a bad thing because the trash in my bag can get out of hand!


The inside of my bag looks like this:



Alright, lets get into the contents!



Morphe Cosmetic bag:

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder in C4.5
  • Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy
  • Tocca Stella mini rollerball
  • Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara
  • NYX Slide on Lip Liner in Sugar Glass
  • House of Lash glue

These things will almost always be in my purse, with slight variations of course. But because of where I work, I can only carry 5 makeup items at a time in a clear bag.



Michael Kors Jet Set Zip Around Wallet


Work business cards

Bath and Body Works Sanitizer

Ice Breakers Spearmint mints

Nature Valley granola bar

Wallet is an obvious given, mints of course and I love carrying around snacks because you never know when you’re gonna want to munch on something haha.



A whole wad of coupons / receipts 

Car / House Keys

Gummy Bears

Visine Contact Lens Eye drops

Alright so I mean I can’t be the only with a whole bunch of receipts in my bag, they live there so I let them be haha – but I needed that Victorias Secret coupon to go shopping! Keys are an obvious must have and the Visine drops have been helping me out lately now that my ares are super dry and my contacts feel tight.

Not pictured:

In that center zipper compartment I have work related papers ( which I won’t show for obvious reasons). I also has a whole bunch of empty candy wrappersmore old receiptspanty liners and random coins / dollars floating around in my bag. I’m actually kind of glad that I did this because I ended up cleaning all of the trash out of my bag – we’ll see how long the clean lasts.

What are some staple items in your bag? Feel free to share. Thank you so much for reading!



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