How to clean your lashes


Hi beauties! Today I’m gonna talk about lash care, because its important to clean and get the bacteria and dirty between your lash wear not only to extend your lash life but to also make sure you don’t get an infection on your eye. So I do clean my lashes after each wear to get the shadow and glue residue off. Cleaning your lashes also extend the life of your lashes because it helps maintain their shape and the cleaner they are the better they will stick on when you wear them.


What I use:

Cotton Round (Walmart brand)

Micellar Water ( NYX Stripped off for this demo)

97% Alcohol (Target brand)

Container to soak in Alcohol (I use an old Cool Whip tub)

Napkins (from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)


Aright here we go:


1. First I take the lashes off of my eyes (duh)

2. I saturate the cotton pad with micellar water


3. I fold the pad in half and rub the lash. I love doing this because it removes all of the shadow fall out, mascara and eyeliner that is left on the lash.


4. I then fill my container with a bit of the rubbing alcohol and put the lashes in and let them soak for a few minutes.


5. I then take out the lashes and because the alcohol is cooling, the lash glue has hardened and can be just peeled right off and everything else just comes right off. I just run through the lashes with a spoolie so that I can get the rest of the residue out and reshape the lashes.


6. I let them dry a bit on the napkin used above and put them back in the case for next times use!



And Viola, you have fresh and clean lashes for your next use! Thank you so much for reading!





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