Anastasia Subculture Palette


OH.MY.GOD. Anastasia Beverly Hills has finally announced the release date for the new Subculture Palette – that I’ve been waiting for forever. This palette was once “leaked” on “accident” and everyone went into a frenzy. This palette is the sister palette to the Modern Renaissance that came out a while back and everyone went crazy for (good thing it is permanent). Unlike the warm tones of the MR palette, the Subculture is full of cool tones, which I am currently on the market for. Here is what she looks like:


I am soo here for this, the palette is different from anything that I own and I can almost guarantee that once this palette launches, brands are going to try and copy the cool toned theme. I know that I will be definitely getting this palette because Anastasia shadows are so pigmented, soft and buttery. They just released swatches this morning and I love how they did them on light, medium and deep skin tones.

FullSizeRender.jpg-4.jpeg FullSizeRender.jpg-1.jpeg


Ugh the shades Cube, Roxy, New Wave, Untamed and Destiny are screaming “BUY ME RIGHT NOW”. I cant wait to get my hands on this bad boy – Im already thinking about all the looks I can make with this.


Alright, now for release dates:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Website: 7/25 thats right next week Tuesday, Ill be on my phone and computer waiting.

Online (Sephora, Macys, Ulta etc): 8/1

In stores (Sephora, Macys, Ulta etc): 8/15


What do you think? Buy or Pass? Let me know! Thanks for reading!



18 thoughts on “Anastasia Subculture Palette

  1. I really love the ABH shadow formula. I have not found another brand that produces such blendable shadows for this low a price. That being said, this colour story doesn’t grab me right away, but I think it would be something I would grow to love.

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by to read. But yeah I know it might now jump to your liking BUT funny story, when I first got the MR, I didn’t think I would use it. I LOVE IT. Mac makes pigmented shadows but they’re not as buttery soft at ABH. But they’re doing so might right now have you see the billet lipsticks that ABH is releasing? Xo

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      • I have seen that, however matte lipsticks aren’t usually my thing as they are usually too drying, but I may definitely try one out. They have definitely had launch after launch this summer, and almost always their products are good.

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      • I understand! Their liquid lipsticks are very drying, I dont understand how people wear them on a daily basis! I was always a matte person and recently tried a Mac lipstick in a satin finish and I actually love it! xo


  2. This looks beautiful but not I’m not as blown away as I was the first time I saw Modern Renaissance, like I legit fell in love with the shade story! However, I feel like this is a grower !xxxx

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    • Thanks for reading Anne! I know I really shouldn’t because I have so many palettes in my collection as is, but you know the hype around limited edition palettes haha! Hopefully they make this one permanent as well! xo

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