Makeup Collection: Highlighters / Palettes

So this is the second installment of my “Makeup Collection” series, and this one is going to be all about my highlighters / palettes with highlighters. Okay so besides lipsticks, I’m obsessed with highlighters, I mean who doesn’t want to glow?

Single Highlighters:


Okay, get ready for a gnarly list because my addiction is unreal.


Wet N Wild Precious Petals

I have a backup of this one because even though it is now permanent in their collection, this one is ALWAYS sold out in the stores around me, its such a gorgeous highlighter and it’s affordable!

Becca Rose Quartz (Limited Edition)

Im crazy and put this in my cart as soon as I saw it available online on Sephoras website, I love the light pink tone and I wish I would have gotten one more, for my friend who’s been wanting this one! I love the compact too because its pink!

Wet N Wild Highlighting Gold Bar (Limited Edition)

One of my good friends got me two of these and I love this one too, its a pure champagne gold and again, I can never get it again so I use it sparingly. And, its affordable.

Morphe Pressed Pigment in Conceited

I’m not gonna lie, when I saw NikkieTutorials use these pressed pigments a highlighter, I immediately went to order two of them, they do make pretty highlighters but they work even better on the eyes, with a little bit of setting spray.

Becca Poured Creme Champagne Pop

I got this in my gratis, and I had a choice between this and Opal, and of course I got Champagne Pop because it goes well with my skin tone and because it is a creme, it looks more natural and “wet”.

Becca Pressed Champagne Pop

I mean, of course I own this – it’s only the best selling shade in her highlighters. I love using this and I am actually so close on hitting pan!

Morphe Pressed Pigment Sunday Mimosa

Again, a gorgeous highlight and I love using both of these pressed pigments on my inner corner, I always get so many compliments when I wear them.

Becca Pressed Moonstone

My boyfriend bought me this shade, this was my first Becca highlight that I ever owned and because I am tan right now, it really pops on my cheekbones! This one in my opinion is a bit drier than the other pressed powder highlights.

Marc Jacobs Dew You Drops

I love mixing these drops into my foundation to give me a glow from within, but I do also use them on my cheekbones. I do have to blend them out with a sponge or else it will be streaky.

Urban Decay Aura

This was my first highlighter that I ever bought. I remember going into Sephora and a cast member applying this on my cheek bones and me falling in love. I wanted Sin at that time but I ended up getting Aura and I do use it every so often but I’m keeping it for keepsake.

Wet N Wild Crown of my Canopy

Another buttery and pigmented highlight from Wet n Wild. This one is a bit dark for me, it’s a rose gold glow – I love using it on my eyes!

Jeffree Star X Manny MUA Eclipse

I had to get this one with the Daddy Lipstick, and this is my first Jeffree Star Skin Frost, I do love the tone of this one – but am I the only person that thinks this specific skin frost a bit dry and flakey? I don’t know I’m going to try and scrape down the first layer because it pills off!


Highlighter Palettes:


Colourpop x Alexis Ren Topaz Duo

I really liked this when I first got it because it was so affordable, but lately I have not even touched this duo – I find the bronzer being a little too orange but I will have to use the highlight again to see if I still like it.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighting Palette in Golden Sands

I was a bit weary about purchasing this because there were so many mixed reviews on this product. It comes with a cream highlight, and 3 pressed highlights – one for cheek, bronzer and blush. I had to find a way to use this to get the full effect – which is using a sponge to blend out the cream and not my fingers haha. Anyways, this is a great palette and it does give my face dimension.

Anastasia Glow Kit in That Glow (Limited Edition)

I remember the day I bought this, I was with my friend Cha Cha and we were in Sephora playing with the two glow kits and I was so set on this one, I ended up buying the brush and the palette and when I got home I immediately swatched it! With that being said, I love this palette and I have made a serious dent in the two bottom shades.

Sleek Makeup Cleopatras Kiss

My step sister from Germany sent me this one and I was so excited to play with it because up until recently, Sleek was not available in the US. This has two creams and two powders, super pigmented and love the packaging. Side note, Sleek is now sold at Walgreens!!!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette

I bought this when I was on my Peach kick, and I LOVE the highlight, this reminds me on the Jeffree Star one, but more soft and natural. I also love the peachy toned blush and the bronzer, which is a soft wash of color.


Here are some of the highlights that I have been wearing a lot this summer –


Top to Bottom: Anastasia Bubbly, Anastasia Sunburst, Wet N Wild Precious Petals, Becca Champagne Pop, Jeffree Star Eclipse, Sleek Goddess & Sleek Sphinx.


What are some of the highlighers you have in your makeup collection? Let me know down below! Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “Makeup Collection: Highlighters / Palettes

  1. Wow! You’ve got a nice huge collection of highlighters 😳 Me, on the other hand, is looking for the one which will captivate me as well as my budget the most. Becca Champagne Pop is very pretty but it’s so pricey for me!

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  2. I thought my 2 highlights were more than I need, but you’ve inspired me to go out and buy more!
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