High End / Luxury Beauty Haul

Okay you already know that Hauls are literally my favorite thing to talk about and write. I spent the day in Honolulu and I went to the big mall there – they have so many stores that aren’t available at the malls neat my house so I love going there for that reason. One of my favorite stores there is Nordstrom for sure because they have a point program and they usually have great sales and they price match! I feel like their employees there are very friendly and genuine and when I go in there I just talk up a storm with them and have fun. They have brands like MAC, Chanel. YSL, Tom Ford, Sigma etc. They also have great clothing, accessories and handbags.

******Okay Side Note Rant******
I purchased the Give me Sun Mineralized Skin Finish from the MAC counter in a Macys store last week and I tried it out a few times and I didn’t like it because it made me look so orange like an Oompa Loompa. So when I went to this mall I went to their Macys counter and told them that I didn’t like this product and the reason behind it and I was sorry but I have to return it. So she was like “oh well I can do this for you this one time but just letting you know we can’t take back items that have been used” and she never offered an explanation why that is. I wanted to tell her that I work for Sephora and we gladly take returns on used products if our clients aren’t satisfied. So I called my mom and she told me that they are under Macys so they have to assist with returns / exchanges even if they product is used so I’m like why did she not almost take my return? I have never had that experience in Macys or at a free standing store. Anyone else had this experience? Anyway, back to my post.

So yeah, with that being said I will only be purchasing from the MAC stores or the MAC counter in Nordstrom! I went in there knowing exactly what I wanted to get – the Chanel cream bronzer that literally everyone raves about. The lady at the Chanel counter was very nice and she let me play with the Bronzer and share tips and tricks with me. I then walked over to the Charlotte Tilbury counter and knew I had to get another shade in the Light Wonder foundation because I like to have foundations that I love in different shades so I can use it throughout the year. I then had to pick up some MAC FIX+ because I haven’t had any in years and I wanted to use it again. The girl at the CT counter was so determined to ring me up even though I wanted to hang around and just play – and then I figured out they work on commission (she told me).




So yes I ended up picking up the Soleil Tan De Chanel, which is cream bronzing base, I am so excited to try this because I don’t have a cream bronzer and people seem to love this all over YouTube. When I swatched it on my hand, it gave my hand a bit of color and a sheen! I am so excited to finally try this product!! It is $50 US, but you get a full ounce of cream and it will literally last really long – definitely longer than my powder bronzers! Also, I love the packaging its a hard and heavy matter plastic container with a glossy black lid with the Chanel logo in gold.



I then picked up my Light Wonder Foundation in 5 Medium, by Charlotte Tilbury – I needed another shade in my collection so I can wear it all year round and it will match me perfectly. This foundation is $46 US, but you get more than the standard 1 ounce, you get 1.4 ounce and a little goes a long way. Plus I got so many compliments when I wore this foundation to work so if it makes my skin look great I’m all for it.



Of course I got some MAC Fix+, the last time I used this was literally like 3 years ago so I wanted to buy another since I have been on a MAC kick lately. This was $24 US for 100 Ml which is cheaper than a lot of other setting sprays for the amount you are getting and honestly I take forever to use up bottles of this. I will be using this to intensity my shadows and prime my skin for application.



I also bought some lashes from Sephora, the House of Lashes x Sephora Collection Natalia and Cecile. I picked these up at work because they were the newest lashes and they are very full. I love full lashes and I actually used Natalia to work and she was gorgeous. These lashes are on the more expensive side they’re $14 US but because I am an employee it was $11 for me. Usually I only spend about $5 for Beautyb0x lashes but if they can be reused and hold up like my other lashes, I will buy it again. Also, the band is a bit thick but it isn’t hard to apply and once on your eyes you can’t see the band.

I will be doing a makeup look / review with some of the new products that I have been accumulating for the past couple of weeks so hold on for that. Do you have any of these products? Thank you so much for reading!



4 thoughts on “High End / Luxury Beauty Haul

  1. Nice haul! I am definitely curious about that bronzer, however I do tend to stick to powder products cause my skin can sometimes be on the oily side. I am curious to know how you like the lashes by House of Lashes in general. I’ve tried one pair and I had a lot of difficulty with applying them. I’m suspecting it was because the lash band is quite thick, so I found it a bit stiff. Additionally, they just didn’t seem to have the right curvature/shape for my eyes. Maybe this is also due to the stiffness of the lash band. Do you have any tricks for applying them?

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    • I am actually on the combination side and even for us I heard that it works well. Like once its on, its on all day haha. I will do a review after using it a few times! I also had ordered one pair of HOL lashes in Budoire, I didn’t like them because they aren’t big and fluffy like I like but these new ones are so good! As for stiff bands, I use my lash applicator tool (you can use tweezers too) just curve it for a while. Storing it in their cases after you use them help your shape too! Ill bend them when I’m waiting for the glue to dry too! I hope this somewhat helps.. also cleaning your lashes help with stiffness, dirt and how many times you can use them! XO


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