Review: Soleil Tan De Chanel


I recently hauled the Soleil Tan De Chanel at Nordstrom, in case you missed my post the other day about some products that I picked up at the mall. I was really drawn to this bronzer because its a gel-cream, and I usually only use powders to bronze my face. When I am interested in something, I go on Youtube and watch at least 10 videos on the product so that I can decide if its worth buying or not. Watching videos / reading reviews is helpful especially when the swatch the products too because they can tend to look different.

Claims: This light, gel-cream bronzer leaves skin with a velvety finish and beautiful sun kissed look. This product can be worn on its own and under or over a foundation.

I agree with the claims that Chanel gives for this bronzer. I have worn it over my foundation and it looks flawless all day. I actually wore it on a hot and humid day and when I got home and checked my makeup, my bronzer was actually still there and looking great.



Packaging / Product: It comes in a generously sized heavy plastic jar, with a glossy black like and the Chanel logo in gold. It also comes with a little plastic tab that protects the product from the lid, which I love because sometimes products can get messy. The product itself is a swirled gel, a light brown with some shimmer. The product smells so good it smells like a baby floral, I am not sure if its supposed to smell like a Chanel fragrance but it smells expensive.

Price: $50 US for 30 grams of gel. I found this interesting that you are actually getting a better deal buying of these because for example the Hoola Bronzer is $29 for 8 grams, so  if you bought it 3 and a half times (to get 30 grams) you would spend $101 US (I rounded). Another example, Nars Laguna is $40 US for 8 grams, if you spend 10 more dollars you can get 30 grams of Chanel. So, its a great value even though $50 sounds like a lot to spend at once.

Application: So again you can use this by itself, under and over foundation. I personally like to wear it over my foundation. The key here is to apply this bronzer before powdering / setting your face. I found that the best way to apply this is with a kabuki / round top brush. I use the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush and I use patting / pushing motions initially and then blend it in. I love how this doesn’t take off your foundation underneath and the color really blends in and doesn’t look like its sitting on top of your foundation. This product is very pigmented so I barely had to dip into the jar.


Final Thoughts: Obviously I love this bronzer and now I totally get why this product has such high reviews and ratings. Not only is the product nice but the packaging is so beautiful and boujee I love the way that it looks on my dresser. This product really does give me that sun kissed glow without being orange. I will definitely be reaching for this especially because its summer and it just feels so light on the skin and doesn’t melt away. Here are some photos of me wearing this product all day with heat, humidity, sweating and no touch ups.



I’m wearing Mac Soft & Gentle on my cheeks, review coming soon!

Leave me your questions or thoughts down below. Thank you for reading!


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