Juvias Place Magic Palette


So I posted about how much I wanted this palette but remember the shipping was $14.45 and I was like no way I’m gonna pay for that shipping cost for one item. So, I pretty much just stalked TrendMood1’s Instagram because she always posts restocks and even discount codes so when I saw Juvias Place having free shipping with promo code “freeship” I went to the website so fast.


The theme behind this palette are the goddesses’ of the moon and sun – hence why the top is orange and warm and the bottom is blue and cool toned. What really drew me to this palette was the the pretty lavender shimmer shade and the shimmery teal shade. I am really trying to experiment with more colors so that I can work on my artistry. I placed my order on a Friday, it didn’t ship until Monday and I got it on Wednesday so their shipping is quick and it was nicely packaged in the box!




Nubia, Zakiya, Osun, Keso, Zuba, Nana, Boronu & Kogi



Faso, Aja, Vai, Yemoja, Ife, Yara, Buzo & Yejide

I’m so excited to play with this palette, I plan on using Faso in a halo eye look! Would you like to see that look? Leave me your thoughts below! Thanks for reading.



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