Review: Mac Soft & Gentle


Hi beauties!

Since we all know I have been on a MAC kick. you know I have to get  highlighter because I had one of everything else! I was looking at getting a Extra Dimension Skin Finish, but I honestly didn’t want a duo chrome metallic highlight so I watched a lot of videos and it was obvious that the Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle was the number one recommended highlighter from MAC. The mineralize skin finishes are baked products and they are very soft and light on the skin. I’m weird and I decided to smell it, and it smells like a faint vanilla like the Give Me Sun! bronzer that I returned.

I ordered this item online because you get a 15% off coupon for your first order off of the Mac Cosmetics website. The skin finishes are usually $33 US, but I used my coupon and I paid $28.05 US for it so not too bad. My only complain is that they ship with UPS and it takes so long compared to other courier services. But, at least my product came nicely wrapped and not broken! Skin finishes have 10g, I’m assuming that all MAC powders have 10 grams because every item I have bought contains 10 grams. $28 is still expensive for some people, so I understand if you’re not interested in it – I am a makeup junkie so I will pay the price. I was so excited to use this product because I would swatch it in the stores and it was a gorgeous highlight. Soft & Gentle is described as a gilded peach bronze, and I agree. I feel like because I am tan, it really pops on my cheeks but I know my fair skin ladies will love this just as much as I do! This powder is soft to the touch and applies evenly on my cheeks – and it doesn’t emphasize pores or textures. This is supposed to be more of a natural highlight but I did two layers and I was honestly beaming!




Claims: A luxurious powder with MAC Multi-mineal complex that adds highlights to the face and body. I agree with these claims, I don’t highlight my body but I’m sure it will apply the same way it does to my cheeks.




Product / Packaging: You get 10 grams of product like I said above. The highlight itself is in a dome shape. It comes in the newer packaging that is black with little circle to show the product. I personally don’t like this packaging I wish it was still available in the old packaging that the blushes come in like this:



I’m just picky, so I can live without the packaging looking the way I want it to. There is just something so satisfying about the old packaging though.




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Final Thoughts: I am sad that I waited so long to try this highlight. It gives my skin radiance without being overly glittery or emphasize my pores on my cheeks. This also stayed on all day and when I went out I got a lot of compliments on my complexion. I know not everyone is quick to spend $33 on a highlight and there are some dupes out there for it, ei. ELF Blush Gem Highlight so if you love the look and color of Soft & Gentle, you might want to check out the cheaper alternative before you splurge.


What do you think guys? What are some of your favorite highlighters I would love to know! Thanks for reading!


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