National Lipstick Day 💄


Happy National Lipstick Day Everybody!! Even though today was just like any other day. This post is gonna be a bit chatty, sorry!

Okay anyways, so I work at Sephora and all day I have been answering the phone because people keep asking us “Oh are you giving out free lipsticks” or “whats the specials for lipstick day” and I’m like oh no we’re not doing anything like that. I also kept hearing comments like “oh well MAC is giving out free lipsticks” and I was thinking like.. go to MAC then! After I finished work I went to a MAC counter in Macys and there was nobody in there and when I went to buy my lipsticks I got charged full price. So I asked her about it and she was like “oh the free lipsticks were the extras we had from they Colour-Rock collection or something like that. So I was thinking MAC falsely advertised their “free lipstick” promotion and people are sharing their experiences with waiting in those long lines and getting let down. So I’m glad I didn’t wake up early and wait in the lines. But also, I heard regular MAC counters were letting you choose a color, I’m so annoyed. BUUUT, Anastasia Beverly Hills had a promotion that you can buy any 2 lip products and get 1 for free which is a great deal because their lipsticks are like $20. I was checking out Ulta and they had special promotions and deals- 40% off of Stila, 50% off of Tarte, 20% off of Ofra and BOGO Makeup Revolution but it is online only. I’m personally not gonna order from Ulta because their shipping is expensive for Hawaii and they take FOREVER to get my package here. Every time I have ordered from their website I emailed them and they had to refund my shipping fee. No Thanks!

Okay anyway again, I got this idea from Nova, to count how many lipsticks I have in my collection and well… I came up with 64, yeah I know its excessive but you can change your lip colors everyday or if you’re like me, you bring extra options in your bag incase you want to change your look! I love lipsticks, hence my blog name haha. Even though I couldn’t get a free lipstick from MAC, I still decided to celebrate and picked up two lipsticks!


Men Love Mystery: lavender violet, matte finish

Brave: pink-beige with white pearl, satin finish

I got Men Love Mystery because I have been seeing a lot of ladies wear orchid colored lipsticks and I have nothing like this and I am glad I got it, I applied it in the store and wore it home.

As for Brave, I wanted a pinky color and a satin finish because I mostly have nudes and I can’t wait to see what this looks like when I wear it out!


Did you stand in the Mac lines? What did you get? Thank you so much for reading guys!



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