My favorite brushes

I’ve been on the hunt for new brushes and then I realized that I literally use the same brushes everyday and I wanted to gather all of the brushes that I couldn’t live without.




Anastasia Duo Brush #12 ($18)

This brush obviously helps me use my Dipbrow. The bristles are soft but firm enough to help me carve and fill my brows.

Morphe M433 ($5.99)

Again, another fluffy brush I literally have 3 of them so that I don’t have to wash mine everyday haha.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Brush ($24)

I love this to bronze my forehead, neck and cheeks. It gives me a sun kissed look without being too much. I also LOVE the gold bamboo handle and the teal bristles.

Anastasia A23 ($25)

I bought this brush when I bought my first Anastasia Glow Kit and this brush packs on my highlight without leaving a stripe of highlight on my cheek.

MAC 242 ($25)

I am “borrowing” this one from my mom since she never uses it. I love this for apply my paint pot on my eye or using it to pack on shimmer shades on my lid. My mom has had it for a very long time and it is still going strong.

Morphe R39 ($5.99)

Hands down on of the best fluffy brushes to buff crease colors out!

Morphe M124 ($3.99)

I love this to highlight my inner corners to make them pop. This also work to pack on glitters / shimmers for a halo eye look.

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish ($19.50)

My step sister brought this back for me from Germany and I love buffing my foundation in with the brush – it doesn’t leave my foundation streaky and doesn’t soak up my foundation.

Real Techniques Setting Brush ($7.99)

I love this for either highlighting my cheek bones or setting my under eye concealer with translucent powder!

Morphe R12 ($6.99)

I prefer this fan brush over any other fan brush I have ever tried. This allows me to pack on the highlight especially above the eyebrow, cupids bow and nose.

Morphe M333 ($3.99)

For nose and under lip contour, this is my brush. It lets me contour my nose to perfection and gives the illusion of bigger lips.

Anastasia A1 ($18)

This brush is great for concealing my brows for cleaner lines and even concealing my blemishes.

Morphe R2 ($14.99)

Hands down my favorite powder brush, it’s so fluffy and I can apply powder into certain areas of my face. I also love the rose gold and black on the handle.

ELF Pointed Powder Brush ($6)

This is a new find, I love to kick off my bake with this brush and it’s affordable.

Morphe M523 ($14.99)

Not gonna like but I bought this because of Jaclyn Hill. I love the white bristles because they’re so soft. This brush is great for bronzing and contouring the face!

Morphe M535 ($5.99)

This brush is great to diffuse shadows, blending out crease and transition shades out into perfection!

Sephora Collection 47 Foundation Brush ($30, $15 for LE)

This is a newer find because I am so used to applying my foundation with a beauty blender. I love how this brush has a little paddle shape to it, making it so easy to paint on your foundation and the shape helps get into the hard to reach places (ei. on the sides of my nose) and it doesn’t leave brush strokes. This packaging is limited edition and I ended up purchasing it because its on sale and I ended up paying only $9 for it!


You definitely do not need to spend big bucks on brushes, I just like what I like. Also, to keep your brushes in great shape for longer and cleaner applications; WASH YOUR BRUSHES! I used to wash my brushes once a blue moon but I just hated my makeup getting caked up in the bristles and my products going on streaky and patchy. I clean my foundation / cream brushes daily and eye brushes after 2 / 3 uses. I usually use my Vera Mona Color Switch to change colors. Cleaning your brushes helps brushes keep their shape, softness, prevent bristle fallouts and keeping bacteria off of your face!

These were just a few of my favorite brushes, what are some of the brushes you can’t live without? Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “My favorite brushes

  1. You have an amazing collection of brushes, Cass. I love ones by Real Techniques.
    BTW, I just did a post on the Liebster Award you nominated me for, do take a look 🙂


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