Skin Care Routine

Now that it is summer time, my skin always decides to act up. It loves to get really oily, red and breakout for no reason! I definitely have been busy buying and trying new things and I think I finally have a regimen that really works for me! If you are wanting to try new products based on your skin issues, here is my current skin care routine that I do everyday (or at least try to).




My two favorites are the Kate Somerville Eradikate Daily Cleanser with Acne Treatment & the Korres Greek Yoghurt. I really just cycle between these two because I enjoy both. Right now I have little bumps on my forehead so I have been opting for the Kate one because of the Sulfur in it to help fight my blemishes. The Kate one helps with my pores too I have seen an improvement. As for the Korres, I love it because it makes my skin feel super soft, supple and squeaky clean. Its a cream to foam consistency and it smells faintly of cherries. I also want to note the the Korres wash is mostly natural ingredient and no harsh soaps. The Kate Somerville retails for $38 USD and the Korres is $26 USD.


I have been using my Thayers Witch Hazel with Lavender Toner lately because witch hazel is great for treating / preventing blemishes and to just further get the impurities out of the skin. I love how it smells like lavender and it does not have any alcohol in it so it doesn’t over dry or irritate the skin. It comes in a few different scents but I enjoy this one. It retails for $9.99 USD at Target.


Ole Henriksen takes the cake when it comes to my AM / PM serums. In the morning I go in with the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, which is packed with Vitamin C and collagen. It really has been brightening my skin. As a matter of fact I had some acne scars and dark spots because I love picking at zits but I have been using this religiously and they are gone. It also helps to tighten and plump your skin and keep you looking youthful! As for the PM, I use the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Transformation Gel, which is full of AHA which helps even out skin tone and treat my skin. I love these two together because it really did improve my skin. Both of these retail for $48 USD for the 30mL bottle. This also comes in a set with both serums and a moisturizer for $72 USD if you want to try it out and see what you like.


This one is obviously going to be my Tatcha Water Cream. This item is a splurge but definitely worth it. It helps with my pores and control my oils while hydrating my normal areas and my foundation looks ten times better when it goes over my water cream. I love it so much I am being really tight on it because it’s always in and out of stock and I don’t want to run out anytime soon. This retails for $68 USD.

Acne Treatment

I recently tried out the Sunday Riley UFO Ultra Clarifying Oil because my coworker recommended it to me because of my breakouts. It also prevents and manages black heads, which I have some on my nose. It’s very effective because of the 1.5% Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree oil to help clear skin. I have been using this and I notice a difference, like my pimples don’t stay long like they did before and they don’t get as big so thats a good thing. I think its cool because the oil itself is green and smells citrusy. The smaller sized bottle is $40 USD, I stocked up and got 3 deluxe sample sizes as rewards so that I can try before I buy haha.

Spot Treatment

To go even further with preventing pimples or wanting them gone over night I use the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I love this because when I wake up in the morning the pimple is dried up and the bumps are gone. I use this a lot on the chest acne and my back and shoulders (I know its gross but its life) because I suffer with acne there. The only thing that annoys me about this is that the sediment and the liquid have to be separated, it doesn’t work if you accidentally shake it up. The drying lotion retails for $18.


What are some products in your skin care routine? Please feel free to leave links down below I would love to read them!



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