The Balm Liquid Lipsticks

Me and my mom ended up going shopping on base and I had no idea that the PX sold The Balm cosmetics, because the last time I went there they only had a few cosmetic brands that I liked. I saw a little lip kit with two of their Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid Lipsticks. I was really excited when I seen this because I have never tried their liquid lipstick formula before, I just never was interested in ordering them online and taking the risk of not liking what I receive.


The two colors that were in this duo are Committed and Devoted, and they are both full sized! I really like how they put two different colors together because if it were up to me I would only stick to nudes and wouldn’t want to try out a red! Their lipsticks claim to be long lasting, with a comfortable matte finish. Individually these liquid lipsticks retail for $17 USD for 7.4 mL of product, which is a healthy amount of product. When I saw that this duo was $16.80 ( plus no tax) I grabbed it and put it into my basket!


Unfortunately, they do not give color descriptions on their websites so I will try my best to describe these colors haha. Committed is a pinky nude that is very vibrant and Devoted is blue toned red. They are very opaque upon first swipe, however I did notice Committed was a bit more patchier on the hand swatch but I am sure that lip primer and a lip liner will help out application. The packaging to these lipsticks are very different, which a black and white picture of a couple sharing a milkshake and the color of the lipstick on the tube. These have a scent to them, they smell like mint which I personally really love because everything else tends to smell like vanilla cupcakes or straight up chemicals. I really also like the shade names to their lipsticks, they’re all relationship related. I only wore them on my hands to test them out and I noticed a few things right off the bat.


  1. These take awhile to dry down to their matte finish
  2. I noticed a bit of lipstick transfer when touching the swatch
  3. These stayed on through me washing my hands, and normal activity
  4. They have really good staying power, I had to scrub it off of my hand with a cotton pad and micellar water
  5. They stayed very soft, did not accentuate the lines on my hands and did not crack, separate or crumble
  6. Devoted left a slight stain after removing the swatch


I am so excited to finally try these on my lips because my bestfriend said she really likes these lipsticks and recommended them to me. I am actually going to throw Committed into my “everyday lipstick bag”, which I plan on posting about soon. Everything in that bag is pretty much my “go to” products that ill just randomly pull out and chuck it into my purse and be good to go. And YES its full of nude lipsticks, sue me haha. I do plan on wearing Devotion to work because it matches our uniforms and I mean smokey eye and classic red lips are great!

Have you guys tried their lipsticks? What are your thoughts? If you have any suggestions on what I should try from this brand please let me know!




3 thoughts on “The Balm Liquid Lipsticks

  1. I am DESPERATE to try their Mary Lou highlight! These lip products look gorgeous too, it’s hard to fault theBalm. Please checkout my blog! |


  2. I haven’t actually tried anything from the balm yet. Nothing has jumped out at me although I do think their packaging is fun. No one on YouTube ever really talks about them anymore.

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