Collab: Anti Haul (Abby Uppington)

Hi guys I am back with another anti haul, since my first anti haul last month got a lot of great feedback and you guys said you enjoyed it. I am also sooo happy to be collaborating with the gorgeous Abby. I love her blog because she’s just like me – we LOVE our high end makeup products. She’s beautiful and one of the sweetest girls I have met on WordPress! So please please please, go leave her lots of love and tell her I sent you! And you should follow her!

I know I haven’t been the best with my “no buy”, because that honestly lasted ONE DAY! Ill get there. But anyways I have been seeing a lot of products that are coming out and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys! Just forewarning, I’m going to be super straight forward in this post, sorry!




KKW Powder Contour Kit and Highlight Kit

Okay so her contour & highlight sticks were in my last post because of it being heavily overpriced and products were breaking like crazy. I saw her swatch these on snapchat, literally the most chalkiest / powdery things I have ever seen. Im over this contour kit phase, next.


Pat Macgrath Mothership (Collection?)  Eyeshadow Palettes

Personally I do not own any Pat Macgrath items because I have no idea who she is, her products are so expensive and they don’t really appeal to me. She’s know for putting 4 items into a plastic pouch, filling it with confetti and boom you wasted $80 on that. I saw these palettes and I was astounded at the price tag of $125! For that, pass.



Morphe x BrittanyBear Contour Brush Set

I dont know who this BrittanyBear is, and honestly I could care less. I already said that I was over this contouring phase and these brushes are just boring and those oval looking brushes look generic and very stiff. Also, I can get these brushes from TJ Maxx for really cheap.



DesixKatie X Dose of Colors Collab

The packaging of the highlighters and eyeshadow palette is to die for, but really do I need another highlighter or a palette that I have to use my fingers for it to work? Nope. Im bored with their lip products too, especially the fact that the components are all the same color making it hard to determine which color is which. I love you Desi, and Katie but sorry won’t be buying any of these.


Benefit Beauty Stowaways aka Collab with Beauty Influencers

I feel like I am the only person not bothered by this. I mean the kit of the minis is a great value at $32, but why do I need to buy them individually for a plastic sleeve with Laura Lee or Manny MUA’s face on it? When I take the sleeve off it looks like a normal Hoola bronzer. Sorry Benefit, love you but no thank you.



Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection

I hate everything about this collection. The packaging is childish and cheap looking – which isn’t acceptable because of the price you are paying. Her palette is boring, her mini lipsticks are just repeats of other shades, her makeup bag looks cheap and the price for that bejeweled liquid lipstick is bizarre. The only thing that I was considering getting was the Ultra Glows but they’re always sold out, no surprise there.



Kat Von D Creme Contour Palette

Kat, I love you babe but I do not need a creme contour kit, especially since I just willingly gave away my ABH cream contour kit to my bestfriend. Give us a brand new palette please because this contouring phase is boring!



Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection 

I am tired of unicorn, halo and mermaid collections. Honestly how many mermaid collections are there already? I also don’t wear metallic lips or colorful liner. Wet n Wild makes some bomb highlighters but I don’t think this highlight will work on my skin.


Tarte 2017 Holiday Collection

Im just going to say this: Tarte please stop recycling old products, repackaging them into gaudy packaging and slapping a “limited edition, holiday collection” stick on it. When Trendmood leaked the images to your new holiday items I yawned because that packaging does not remind me of the holidays and I swear they look the same every year. Please come out with something new and innovative.




Becca “New/ Limited Edition” Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfecters

I dont trust when Becca says their skin perfecters are limited because they are releasing Smokey Quartz, which looks identical to the Rose Quartz one that came out last year just in different packaging. Nice one Becca, I am not falling for your tricks again.



Karrueche x Colourpop She Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is cute, it really is but I am just tired and frustrated with Colourpop right now that I don’t even want to bother with this. I don’t want to wait for a stupid restock, drop what I am doing a camp out on my computer for something that I am most likely not even going to get. Its not worth the stress. Also: side note yesterday when I went on the mobile website, the palette was in stock and allowed me to hit “add to bag” and it took it right out. I checked again the next day and it was “out of stock”.


8 thoughts on “Collab: Anti Haul (Abby Uppington)

  1. So many of yours are on my list Cass!! Couldn’t agree more with the Kylie collection, it looks so cheap and the purple eye palette is down right ugly! Looks like something you could buy out of Claire’s Accessories for a 5 year old! 😂 xo

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