Products I regret buying

So lately, I’ve been going through my makeup collection and pulling out things that I haven’t been using lately and trying to rotate and actually use everything. Doing this helps my remember / refresh me on how I feel about it.

I recently learned about the app Depop, where people sell their makeup, clothing and whatever else they have and they pay the app a commission on the sale and you keep the rest. It works just like Mercari and Poshmark, which are both buying & selling apps but Depop has cheaper shipping than Poshmark and I believe they take out a little less on commission. So anyways, I’ve been taking things out and putting them online to sell so that I can a. make more room and b. to make some extra cash! I’ve sold on Posh & Mercari a lot and I made over $600 by selling and trading. I think one of the best things about using these apps is that you can request a check in the mail or direct deposit into your account so you can use that money toward whatever you need to.

Anyways so this post is dedicated to the items that I regret purchasing and probably things I am selling / have sold on Posh, Mer or Depop! Oh, also because I obviously don’t have majority of these products anymore I will just link them.

Also, if you love any of these products please don’t take offense to this. These were the products that didn’t work for me.


Morphe 35O

I bought this for resale price, I think for $35 which is a rip off. This is the first big eyeshadow palette I purchased and I stopped using it after about a week. I recently came back to it and the pigmentation didn’t measure up to what I am used to.

Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Eclipse Skin Frost

I had high hopes for this one and I came to this conclusion: this highlight is DRY AS F. And, it crumbled on me when I tried to apply even more on top.

Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuits

Honestly I bought a few colors from Walgreens and ended up tossing some and giving the rest away. These liquid lipsticks were uncomfortable and super drying. The price point is great but I wasted like $30 on these, which I didn’t like.

Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation 

To be honest I got the wrong shade and it is too pale on my skin and now I am into fuller coverage foundations but its good for super light coverage and dewey skin.

Colourpop Ulta Matte Liquid Lipsticks

By far the worst liquid lipstick formula I have tried. They are SOOO drying and they crumble and wear off like nobodies business. I would rather spend a bit more money for better quality.

Sephora Collection 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation

I hated this so much, I had to return it. It made my face feel greasy and didn’t last long at all on my skin.

DUO Brush on Adhesive 

I wanted to love this because everyone else does but it sucked so bad my lashes looked so bad and they felt like they were gonna fall off at any second! Yikes I am sticking to my HOL Glue its truly the best one.



So yeah guys, these were just a few of the things (off the top of my head) that I regret purchasing. What are some of the things you regret purchasing? Let me know down below!


4 thoughts on “Products I regret buying

  1. I have heard for many others too that Colourpops Ulta Matte Liquid Lipsticks aren’t that good, I am glad I havent wasted money on them! Have you tried their satin liquid lipsticks? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol I hate them so much I didn’t even give them away I threw them all away they make me so angry lol. When people tell me they’re excited about it coming to Sephora I get mad too lol. But I have tried their ultra satin Lippies, and it’s good but I personally hate when things feel wet on my lips. But I would purchase more colors to try!


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