Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer


Okay so the Peaches and Cream collection finally released in Sephora stores after a long week of online teasers! I was so excited about the mattifying setting spray and the powder but guess what I ended up getting? The bronzer! LOL


For some reason I am really loving bronzers lately. I never used to be into bronzing like this before but now its like the step in my makeup that I love doing! Something about bringing warmth to the face haha. This bronzer claims to be a “radiant matte bronzer” which just seems so weird to me because how can something be matte and radiant at the same time? What really caught my attention was the packaging, the pie design of the product and of course the smell. It smells like peaches and cream and I love smelling it. I kept smelling it at work like a weirdo. It swatched very nicely, very warm and no noticeable shimmers. I have never owned a bronzer that had a blush / highlight shade inside like this one does and I wanted something different.

So before I ended up purchasing it, I applied it in store and I loved the way I looked. I mean I already had some bronzer on but it gave my face a slight sheen / radiance without being overly glittery because I like my complexion matte.  I could also smell the product going and I mean I’m pretty sure someone shouldn’t be so obsessed with the way something smells but I cant help it. I was swirling all the colors are to make my own combination but when I took it home, I didn’t want to mess it up. I do have to note that the gold shimmer is a spray on because once you get past that level its not going to be super shimmery which is a good thing. I find that this bronzer did give my face a matte radiant finish, again I know how can that be?

What it is:  A radiance-boosting bronzer for a soft and flawless-looking complexion. 

What it does: This must-have bronzer features four beautiful shades—Candied Peach (pink), Caramelized Peach (light brown), Golden Peach (medium brown), and Bronzed Peach (dark brown)—that effortlessly blend together to define and highlight skin for a soft, luminous look.


✔ Delivers the perfect blend of blush, bronzer, and highlighter
✔ Creates universal warmth
✔ Gives blendable, intense color payoff

I do agree with the claims of this collection and I am slowly falling into this Peaches and Cream business. But yeah you guys have you seen the new Peaches and Cream collection by Too Faced? I heard it’s going to be permanent and exclusive to Sephora! Would you guys like to see me incorporate this bronzer into a look? Let me know!

Also, I picked up a lipstick and the eye shadow palette would you guys like to see a review or swatches?


6 thoughts on “Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer

    • Haha why are we so alike! I picked up a lipstick and I am planning on getting the setting spray and the setting powder because they all smell delicious! I plan on using the eyeshadow palette tomorrow because I only swatched it but im so impressed already!!

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      • Me too!! lol I absolutely love the smell of this!! I keep smelling it too. I was very impressed with the palette. I don’t have good luck with many Too Faced eyeshadows, so I didn’t have high hopes… they proved me wrong, thankfully!! I love the color scheme in this palette and was hoping it was a winner!!


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