Best Foundation for Oily / Combo Skin?


So recently I went down to Ala Moana Shopping Center, which is in Honolulu and I barely ever get out there because its pretty far from my house and there is always traffic down in Honolulu. I woke up super early for no reason and I decided to drive down there and check the mall out. It’s a huge mall with plenty of stores that aren’t available to me at the stores that are closer to me.



I ended up getting the new Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation in the shade Medium. I was so excited to check it out because Tati (Glam Life Guru) reviewed it on her channel a few days ago saying that it was a big hit because of the coverage and the matte finish. I haven’t personally tried anything from Milk Makeup because I thought their things were a gimmick because of their packaging and their products being weird. Like I’ve said many times here, I have combination skin – I am oily in my T zone and normal everywhere else so finding a foundation to work with my skin is tough sometimes.

Okay, so heres the run down of the foundation. This product retails for $40 USD with 1 ounce which is standard for foundations and has full coverage.


Claims: Designed to make applying and wearing foundation easy, Blur Liquid Matte Foundation offers flawless full coverage at first swipe, leaving a smooth matte finish that looks and feels as light as air. Like Milk’s Blur Stick and Blur Spray, Blur Liquid Matte Foundation instantly minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections using blurring microspheres, tiny powder-filled spheres that diffuse the light to leave a flawless, soft focus effect.

To keep the lightweight, water-based formula safe, Blur Liquid features an innovative airless tip to minimize air exposure and eliminate dripping—allowing your foundation to stay fresh, the color stay true, and all of it to stay inside the package, not dripping all over your bag.


My thoughts? I agree that this foundation is very high coverage. One little drop of this foundation gets the job done which is rare for me because if I do wear foundation to work I want to to have lots of coverage. I also really like how the foundation comes in a squeezey tube form I feel like its handy to throw in your bag and it looks great on my dresser. I do feel like if you want to sheer the coverage that you can use a sponge but I must prefer a brush with the foundation because of the formula. The foundation is very easy to apply and blend, it blended on the skin so effortlessly and flawlessly. Upon my first application the foundation was super lightweight and I couldn’t feel it on the skin throughout the day which I love because who wants to feel like they’re wearing a mask? Over the course of me trying this out, I noticed that my pores were very blurred out and my T zone didn’t get oily like it normally does. I did notice that this foundation can cake around the nose area if you put on too much and that it doesn’t play nicely with mattifying primers so I am still trying to find what I can use on my nose as a primer. The foundation does oxidize a tad bit which actually doesn’t bother me because its not too noticeable. I really do like this foundation a lot it wore all day and was perfect. I did get a bunch of compliments and people asking me about the foundation which I was very pleased about because that lets me know that its a good foundation!

Would I repurchase? I would repurchase this when the time comes which isn’t going to be for a long time because one drop of this foundation and you’re set to go. I feel like I will be wearing this a lot for school because its a quick application. I would definitely recommend this to my oily girls out there who need some coverage because this foundation is the BOMB! Also, it smells like oranges!! They also have about 16 shades in this line right now which could definitely be improved but the have some deep colors so everyone could try this foundation!




Okay, so I am sooo dumb and never took any pictures of me actually wearing the foundation but I know I did some snapchats about it. Best believe I was checking on it throughout the day and taking photos when I got home from a long day at work. I just wish that my store sold the Milk Makeup line so I could tell my clients about it and get some gratis haha!


What have you heard about this foundation? Have you tried it before? Let me know your thoughts!






Goals for this School Year

Okay guys, today is going to be a little different from my normal content. My friend and fellow blogger, Brooke Clarke always posts her goals and she really inspired me to make lists of the things that I want to accomplish so that I can come back to them later to see if I fell through with my commitment or not. So here are some of my goals for this school year.


  1. Stay up to date with my planner (no exceptions Cass!)
  2. Do my assignments and turn them in early, no more procrastination
  3. Work on all of my online course work in-between my classes
  4. Get involved with my school / student life
  5. Pack my bag the night before so I am not scrambling in the morning
  6. Save money by drinking my instant coffee from home
  7. Stay away from junk food for lunch, opt for healthier alternatives
  8. Study in the library because there are no distractions
  9. Sync my MacBook & iPhone calendar / reminders to make sure I don’t miss anything
  10. Writing down my assignments and not relying on my school account because I remember things better when I write things down
  11. Try getting a job on campus so that I can make more money
  12. Stop spending so frivolously because girl you’re in debt
  13. Actually bring my books to class so I can do my work instead of relying on a classmate
  14. Get good nights rest the night before so that I am 100% at school
  15. Register for next semester earlier so I don’t have to stress
  16. Balance out school, work, blogging and social lives in a healthy way
  17. Keep my email inbox clear for teacher correspondence
  18. Keep my laptop in my purse as well as my charger and headphones
  19. Be sure to remain positive always and have a positive attitude toward everything
  20. Don’t be afraid to ask for help


Are you guys back in school for the semester? What are some of your goals?


Anastasia Subculture Palette


Okay so first, I finally hit my 100 followers mark!! Thanks to everybody who reads, comments and supports me I am so happy that I have a little blogging community with you guys. I really appreciate it because I was just doing this for fun and not necessarily for the views. Okay second, there is SO much controversy with this palette oh my goodness I watched videos on end about this palette and I still loved the colors and I wanted to play with these and form my own opinion.

So, because I love in Hawaii usually big releases are delayed two weeks or so. The store I work at still has not received the palettes, new matte lipsticks or the liquid glows so I ended up going to a higher volume store and they had them. Since they didn’t receive the  new graphics for the release, they pretty much had to just make a tester and sell it that way. Luckily, I had someone that I knew working at the time so she could show me all the new products and we could play. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted the palette because yes there is some fallout. But ultimately, I ended up buying it (obviously).


This palette is the “sister” to last years Modern Renaissance. It has 14 shades in total and 13 being completely new shades with is amazing. This palette is available online and in stores in Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta and Anastasia Beverly Hills and retails for $42. Okay, lets get down to my honest thoughts about his palette.


Okay, so first I think the color scheme of this palette is amazing. I love the dark, grungy cool toned shadows and even pops of yellow, peach and the pink duo chrome. As for the shimmer shades, they swatched quite nicely on the arms with one swipe and I was into it. Something I noticed is that the brush that it comes with was a major culprit to the major fallout that people are seeing. Usually I love the dual ended brushes that come with their palettes but honestly the fluffy side of this brush was a disaster. The one I used in the store was literally shedding everywhere and was very rough on the eyes and in the shadow pans. When I used that end of the brush, powders flew everywhere but when I took it home and used my Morphe M433 & M441 the fallout didn’t seem to bother me too much. I did notice that I needed to build up the shade Roxy, Dawn & New Wave but I didn’t seem to mind because you’re supposed to go in with a light hand so that you don’t kick up extra product. Also, I really really love the color and velvety feel of the palette (my favorite color is teal) and I knew I needed to have it because its the sister of the Modern Renaissance. Oh and something that I heard was that there were some manufacture issues, some people were getting two the shades in the palette so definitely check yours before you purchase.

Here are some swatches:



Overall this palette isn’t as bad as people make it seem. Yes it has fallout but like I said I don’t mind. I do find myself working a bit more to blend them out but the colors are phenomenal. I recommend going into your local Sephora or Ulta to swatch and play with it and form your own opinion on this palette – don’t necessarily go off of what others are saying about it. Heres the look I created with this palette using Dawn, Roxy, New Wave, Edge, Electric and Untamed: (PLEASE excuse my ratchet hair)




Okay that was long, please let me know your thoughts below thanks for reading!


Free makeup from work!!!


IMG_7258 2.JPG

Its about that time again, a plastic bag full of products that had my name on it and a sign that said “take me home”. I took mine home a little earlier than expected because there were 2 products that I wanted to take home ASAP to save my skin. If you didn’t know already, Sephora gives out gratis to their cast which is free product. There are a few different ways to get product and those are:

  • All Cast Gratis (brand gives everyone that works there the same product)
  • Training with Brand Rep
  • Winning a Contest
  • Selling Products (With Brand Rep)

I love getting gratis because I can give clients my own experience with the product and I actually know what I’m talking about so its an easier sell. But I also love getting it because I mean who doesn’t want free products? Its saving me money because I don’t have to go out and purchase new makeup or skin care.

All cast gratis

  • Philosophy Purity Cleanser
  • Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower gel
  • Philosophy Hope in a Jar
  • Lancôme Monsieur Big
  • Youth to the People Age Prevention Superfood Mask
  • Marc Jacobs Noir Mascara

These were all extras from last months gratis from Philosophy, which I’m not complaining about because I love Purity and Amazing Grace! I also received the Marc Jacobs mascara before as well but I actually liked that mascara but the packaging is so big and bulky.

Training with Reps

  • Stellar Brilliance Primer
  • Smashbox Always On liquid lipstick in Stepping Out
  • Makeup Forever Artist Liquid Matte in 105
  • Smashbox Always On Gel Liner in Fishnet
  • Makeup Forever Starlit Liquid in Arctic White

I am so excited for all of this! I tried the Stellar primer and it gives my skin a glow! My makeup lasted all day when I wore that primer. The other thing I tried was the Makeup Forever Liquid Matte and at first it felt nice and lightweight but toward the end of the day my lipstick was so drying and it disappeared completely. As for the Smashbox liquid lip, I already own it in that color and I love their formula and the applicator!

Update: The Makeup Forever Liquid lip went on nicely it felt light weight but after about an hour it started to crumble, fade and feel heavy on the lips!


Selling Products

  • Fresh Sugar Face Polish
  • Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask
  • Fresh Lip Caramel Lip Balm

So off the bat, I LOVE my Caramel lip balm. It smells amazing and keeps my lips hydrated all day. As for the Umbrian Clay, one of my new favorite masks. But, it can be used as a mask, cleanser and a spot treatment which I love and my skin has cleared up from using this mask!


I would love to give you guys my reviews on the other products as I get a good feel for them! Have you tried any of these?




Battle of the contour: ABH vs. KVD


So if you didn’t know, Sephora will be having weekly specials, every Thursday they will have certain products up to 50% off of the retail price for a week in store and online while supplies last. I think this is amazing because they are kind of like Ulta with their specials and daily deals. This is the first week of the deals and they have Stila eyeshadow palettes, Anastasia Powder and Cream Contour Kits and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea highlighter palettes for half off! When I saw Trendmood1’s Instagram post I immediately went to the Sephora App and low and behold the Anastasia Contour Kits were on sale for $20 USD! That is such a great value because the Sephora Collection Contour palette is $28 so they are equal competitors. I fell back asleep and all of the contour kits ended up selling out online but I was going to the mall anyway so I ended up purchasing the Light to Medium kit because the Medium to Tan had too dark of shades for my face. I was so stoked to get this because with my employee discount this palette was $16!!! Thats the same price if I were to buy an ABH liquid lipstick!

I decided to pass on the cream contour kit because I actually already had the Light Cream Contour Kit but I ended up giving it to my best friend because she was so excited that the palettes were half off and I didn’t really use my cream contour kit anymore. The only other palette that I have to compare my powder ABH contour kit is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette.





Kat Von D (old packaging):

  • Has a large, high quality mirror
  • Generous pan sizes: .16 oz contour shades, and .08 oz in highlight shades
  • Very Sturdy cardboard
  • Magnetic closure
  • A little goes a long way
  • All matte
  • Comes in a box
  • I can only use 2 highlight shades and 2 contour shades
  • Comes with instructions on how to contour and highlight



  • Retails for $40 USD
  • Has 3 different shades for their palettes
  • Refillable pans
  • Magnetic closure
  • Has a shimmer highlight shade
  • Comes in a sleeve
  • Thick sturdy cardboard
  • Has warm, bronzey and an ashy contour shade which I can use all
  • Writing engraved into palette
  • Easy to use, buildable and super blendable
  • Smooth and not chalky
  • Compact and travel friendly





Kat Von D (old packaging):

  • Pans are not refillable
  • Retails for $49 USD
  • Print on cardboard rubs off easily, the whole front has been rubbed off
  • Sometimes this product is so pigmented that you have to sit and blend for awhile
  • Only comes one standard shade
  • Highlight pans are less than contour shades
  • Goes on a bit more powdery and chalky
  • Large and a bit bulky



  • No mirror
  • Each pan contains .11 oz of product





As you can see in the swatches, I have the Anastasia Palette on top and the Kat Von D on the bottom. In my opinion the ABH swatched a bit nicer there wasn’t even powder fall out and went on nice and creamy. The contour shades in that palette are very wearable and a bit warm which I love and the shimmer highlight is gorgeous. As for the KVD there is a nice range of contour, one ideal for each skin tone but that can potentially be wasteful because not all shades are tailored for you skin tone like the ABH one.

Honestly I have been opting out contouring for bronzing but I feel that I will be getting so much use out of the ABH palette because I can chuck it in my bag and get ready I can contour and bronze all in one.


Did you pick up the ABH palette during the Sephora Weekly Special? Have you tried any of these palettes? What’s your favorite palette to contour with?



The Balm Liquid Lipsticks

Me and my mom ended up going shopping on base and I had no idea that the PX sold The Balm cosmetics, because the last time I went there they only had a few cosmetic brands that I liked. I saw a little lip kit with two of their Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid Lipsticks. I was really excited when I seen this because I have never tried their liquid lipstick formula before, I just never was interested in ordering them online and taking the risk of not liking what I receive.


The two colors that were in this duo are Committed and Devoted, and they are both full sized! I really like how they put two different colors together because if it were up to me I would only stick to nudes and wouldn’t want to try out a red! Their lipsticks claim to be long lasting, with a comfortable matte finish. Individually these liquid lipsticks retail for $17 USD for 7.4 mL of product, which is a healthy amount of product. When I saw that this duo was $16.80 ( plus no tax) I grabbed it and put it into my basket!


Unfortunately, they do not give color descriptions on their websites so I will try my best to describe these colors haha. Committed is a pinky nude that is very vibrant and Devoted is blue toned red. They are very opaque upon first swipe, however I did notice Committed was a bit more patchier on the hand swatch but I am sure that lip primer and a lip liner will help out application. The packaging to these lipsticks are very different, which a black and white picture of a couple sharing a milkshake and the color of the lipstick on the tube. These have a scent to them, they smell like mint which I personally really love because everything else tends to smell like vanilla cupcakes or straight up chemicals. I really also like the shade names to their lipsticks, they’re all relationship related. I only wore them on my hands to test them out and I noticed a few things right off the bat.


  1. These take awhile to dry down to their matte finish
  2. I noticed a bit of lipstick transfer when touching the swatch
  3. These stayed on through me washing my hands, and normal activity
  4. They have really good staying power, I had to scrub it off of my hand with a cotton pad and micellar water
  5. They stayed very soft, did not accentuate the lines on my hands and did not crack, separate or crumble
  6. Devoted left a slight stain after removing the swatch


I am so excited to finally try these on my lips because my bestfriend said she really likes these lipsticks and recommended them to me. I am actually going to throw Committed into my “everyday lipstick bag”, which I plan on posting about soon. Everything in that bag is pretty much my “go to” products that ill just randomly pull out and chuck it into my purse and be good to go. And YES its full of nude lipsticks, sue me haha. I do plan on wearing Devotion to work because it matches our uniforms and I mean smokey eye and classic red lips are great!

Have you guys tried their lipsticks? What are your thoughts? If you have any suggestions on what I should try from this brand please let me know!




Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask


I finally got my hands on this ever so popular mask- the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. My store is always going in and out of stock on this mask and I have so many clients coming in asking for it! Its so popular that there isn’t even a tester because people love to try and sample it in store. I happened to go to another location and luckily they got about 3 in their shipment. They didn’t have a tester either so she opened one up and let me try it out and I just put it in my basket because I was so curious on trying this popular mask.

On, this mask has 4 1/2 stars with about 100 reviews which I think is pretty good. It is currently in stock on the website as well.

What is it? 

A skin-smoothing, radiance boosting, sleeping mask with hyaluronic acid for post facial results in one jar.


This luxuriously bouncy, breathable sleeping mask refreshingly hydrates, smooths, and perfects skin overnight with a revolutionary pillow-proof, transfer-proof formula. The oil-free, lightweight, glow-boosting hybrid is formulated with ultra-soothing watermelon extract, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and gentle AHAs that work while you sleep to tone and clarify roughened, dull complexions. AHAs smooth the surface of the skin by banishing dead, rough surface cells, clearing the path for ultra-effective, lasting hydration, while hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin for an incredibly nourished complexion. Skin is baby-soft and bright in the morning, effortlessly.

How to use:

  • To use as a sleeping mask: use two scoops or a generous layer on skin as the final step of the evening routine. For drier skin types, layer an additional dime sized amount onto the skin. Pat gently until absorbed and wash thoroughly in the morning.
  • To use as a wash-off mask (ideal for sensitive or stressed skin): use the spatula to scoop the face mask and spread a thick layer gently across the face from forehead to chin. Rinse with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.


This mask is $45 USD for 80 mL, which I guess the price if fair for the amount of product that you get but I will see how much I need for one application and how far you can stretch this jar.

A little more about the brand:

Glow Recipe features the best of Korean beauty, founded by beauty industry experts Sarah Lee and Christine Chang. Over the years, Sarah and Christine met with thousands of customers, and again and again in these conversations, found women whose skincare needs were not met and whose lives simply didn’t mesh with complicated, fussy routines. They tasked themselves with creating hybrid skincare that would simplify these needs while bringing to life everything they love about Korean skincare: innovation, excitement, and sensoriality. Glow Recipe skincare pairs the best Korean technologies with the results-forward backbone of Western beauty. The needs and know-how of two vastly different beauty cultures are at work in these products, creating a Korean-inspired routine that’s perfectly distilled.


First Impression:

When I tried it out in store, I really liked the way it smells its a sweet, subtle watermelon scent it really reminds me of Aqua Fresca (fruit water). I really also like the glass jar, the shade is unique and the glass is very heavy and sturdy. The outside of the box is white with minimal writing but the inside of the box is full of watermelons, so cute! It also comes with a little plastic spatula which is great because it keeps everything sanitary. The cast member scooped a little and put some on the back of my hand and that small amount went a very long way- but like it said it might be different on the face. I left it on for awhile and washed it off and my hand was pretty soft and refreshed.

I really purchased it because it is popular but when I started to read the claims and benefits I got suckered into it. I really do like hyaluronic acid in my skin care because it plumps my skin and keeps me looking youthful. I also like AHA because it helps with dull skin and helps exfoliate (I have been SOOO into exfoliating right now) and I’m wanting to add some good masks to my collection.


Have you tried this mask or heard of it? Let me know! Thanks for reading!



Skin Care Routine

Now that it is summer time, my skin always decides to act up. It loves to get really oily, red and breakout for no reason! I definitely have been busy buying and trying new things and I think I finally have a regimen that really works for me! If you are wanting to try new products based on your skin issues, here is my current skin care routine that I do everyday (or at least try to).




My two favorites are the Kate Somerville Eradikate Daily Cleanser with Acne Treatment & the Korres Greek Yoghurt. I really just cycle between these two because I enjoy both. Right now I have little bumps on my forehead so I have been opting for the Kate one because of the Sulfur in it to help fight my blemishes. The Kate one helps with my pores too I have seen an improvement. As for the Korres, I love it because it makes my skin feel super soft, supple and squeaky clean. Its a cream to foam consistency and it smells faintly of cherries. I also want to note the the Korres wash is mostly natural ingredient and no harsh soaps. The Kate Somerville retails for $38 USD and the Korres is $26 USD.


I have been using my Thayers Witch Hazel with Lavender Toner lately because witch hazel is great for treating / preventing blemishes and to just further get the impurities out of the skin. I love how it smells like lavender and it does not have any alcohol in it so it doesn’t over dry or irritate the skin. It comes in a few different scents but I enjoy this one. It retails for $9.99 USD at Target.


Ole Henriksen takes the cake when it comes to my AM / PM serums. In the morning I go in with the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, which is packed with Vitamin C and collagen. It really has been brightening my skin. As a matter of fact I had some acne scars and dark spots because I love picking at zits but I have been using this religiously and they are gone. It also helps to tighten and plump your skin and keep you looking youthful! As for the PM, I use the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Transformation Gel, which is full of AHA which helps even out skin tone and treat my skin. I love these two together because it really did improve my skin. Both of these retail for $48 USD for the 30mL bottle. This also comes in a set with both serums and a moisturizer for $72 USD if you want to try it out and see what you like.


This one is obviously going to be my Tatcha Water Cream. This item is a splurge but definitely worth it. It helps with my pores and control my oils while hydrating my normal areas and my foundation looks ten times better when it goes over my water cream. I love it so much I am being really tight on it because it’s always in and out of stock and I don’t want to run out anytime soon. This retails for $68 USD.

Acne Treatment

I recently tried out the Sunday Riley UFO Ultra Clarifying Oil because my coworker recommended it to me because of my breakouts. It also prevents and manages black heads, which I have some on my nose. It’s very effective because of the 1.5% Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree oil to help clear skin. I have been using this and I notice a difference, like my pimples don’t stay long like they did before and they don’t get as big so thats a good thing. I think its cool because the oil itself is green and smells citrusy. The smaller sized bottle is $40 USD, I stocked up and got 3 deluxe sample sizes as rewards so that I can try before I buy haha.

Spot Treatment

To go even further with preventing pimples or wanting them gone over night I use the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I love this because when I wake up in the morning the pimple is dried up and the bumps are gone. I use this a lot on the chest acne and my back and shoulders (I know its gross but its life) because I suffer with acne there. The only thing that annoys me about this is that the sediment and the liquid have to be separated, it doesn’t work if you accidentally shake it up. The drying lotion retails for $18.


What are some products in your skin care routine? Please feel free to leave links down below I would love to read them!



I bought it for the packaging: Josie Maran Lip Sting


Okay so we have all been there: you end up purchasing something because the packaging caught your eye. I fell victim to this when I was restocking our Beauty on the Fly area because they just revamped it with new products!


Processed with Rookie Cam


The product that caught my eye was the Josie Maran Lip Sting Plumping Butter. The beautiful rose gold hexagon shaped packaging caught my eye immediately. I then fell in love with the Honey Bee detail on the cap. I just assumed that it was a lip balm but I started reading the box and it was actually plumped your lips too so I immediately put it on hold to purchase after my shift.



Claims: Two ancient holistic ingredients, argan oil and honey, churned together into a buttery smooth, conditioning lip enhancer. The 100 percent pure argan oil replenishes lips with powerful antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids while pure honey seals in moisture, soothes, and enhances barrier recovery. The sweet, subtle sting supports natural circulation for an instant volumizing effect while konjac root ultra-filling spheres smooth lines and Volulip™—a natural peptide and plant extract blend—visibly plumps lips through hyaluronic acid synthesis. For an extra juicy pout, apply at least five times a day for long-term fullness.

Product: For $23 USD, you get 4.5 grams of product. To put that into perspective, in a MAC lipstick you get 3 grams. I guess you get more in a balm because you use more in a day that you would with a lipstick. To compare, the Bite Beauty Agave Balm has 4.2g for $18, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment has 4.25g for $24 and Drunk Elephant Lippe has 3.8g for $18. But, this product does plump your lips so I guess you have to pick and choose. This balm also comes in 3 different shades: Clear (Vanilla), Nude (Honey) and Red (Grapefruit). The tinted balms are so pigmented and I was torn between the Clear and the Nude!



My thoughts:  I have been holding this in my purse for a few days now and I like it. This lip balm has the weirdest sensation when you apply it because when it’s freshly applied you don’t feel anything and then BOOM, you get this stinging sensation on your lips. It doesn’t hurt but it just felt so weird. My lips didn’t feel super jumbo plump but it felt nice. I did notice that this balm diminished my lip lines dramaticaly which is a great thing because nobody likes wearing lipstick with lines all over your lips. I did notice that my lips did feel hydrated throughout the day.

Would I repurchase? Hm, probably not. $23 for a lip balm is a bit steep for what it is. I might repurchase if I see it plumping my lips after a few uses from it. Or, I might get the nude tinted one to wear on a daily basis. I was also debating on putting other lip balms in the compartment so that I can use it and bring it around where I go. Does anyone know how to depot and insert a lip balm / lipstick? Please let me know.


What are some of your favorite lip balms / lip plumpers? Please let me know!