Anastasia Subculture Palette


Okay so first, I finally hit my 100 followers mark!! Thanks to everybody who reads, comments and supports me I am so happy that I have a little blogging community with you guys. I really appreciate it because I was just doing this for fun and not necessarily for the views. Okay second, there is SO much controversy with this palette oh my goodness I watched videos on end about this palette and I still loved the colors and I wanted to play with these and form my own opinion.

So, because I love in Hawaii usually big releases are delayed two weeks or so. The store I work at still has not received the palettes, new matte lipsticks or the liquid glows so I ended up going to a higher volume store and they had them. Since they didn’t receive the  new graphics for the release, they pretty much had to just make a tester and sell it that way. Luckily, I had someone that I knew working at the time so she could show me all the new products and we could play. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted the palette because yes there is some fallout. But ultimately, I ended up buying it (obviously).


This palette is the “sister” to last years Modern Renaissance. It has 14 shades in total and 13 being completely new shades with is amazing. This palette is available online and in stores in Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta and Anastasia Beverly Hills and retails for $42. Okay, lets get down to my honest thoughts about his palette.


Okay, so first I think the color scheme of this palette is amazing. I love the dark, grungy cool toned shadows and even pops of yellow, peach and the pink duo chrome. As for the shimmer shades, they swatched quite nicely on the arms with one swipe and I was into it. Something I noticed is that the brush that it comes with was a major culprit to the major fallout that people are seeing. Usually I love the dual ended brushes that come with their palettes but honestly the fluffy side of this brush was a disaster. The one I used in the store was literally shedding everywhere and was very rough on the eyes and in the shadow pans. When I used that end of the brush, powders flew everywhere but when I took it home and used my Morphe M433 & M441 the fallout didn’t seem to bother me too much. I did notice that I needed to build up the shade Roxy, Dawn & New Wave but I didn’t seem to mind because you’re supposed to go in with a light hand so that you don’t kick up extra product. Also, I really really love the color and velvety feel of the palette (my favorite color is teal) and I knew I needed to have it because its the sister of the Modern Renaissance. Oh and something that I heard was that there were some manufacture issues, some people were getting two the shades in the palette so definitely check yours before you purchase.

Here are some swatches:



Overall this palette isn’t as bad as people make it seem. Yes it has fallout but like I said I don’t mind. I do find myself working a bit more to blend them out but the colors are phenomenal. I recommend going into your local Sephora or Ulta to swatch and play with it and form your own opinion on this palette – don’t necessarily go off of what others are saying about it. Heres the look I created with this palette using Dawn, Roxy, New Wave, Edge, Electric and Untamed: (PLEASE excuse my ratchet hair)




Okay that was long, please let me know your thoughts below thanks for reading!