New Lip Combo

I back to MACed six empty containers and I ended up choosing the lipstick in Mehr (thanks to the friendly associate who took the time to literally judge every lipstick that I put on). We shared the same favorite lipstick, in Yash and she said “I keep Yash and Mehr in my purse at all times” so I tried it on and fell in love.

What is Back to MAC?

MAC is the only cosmetic company that offers a recycling program, that allows their customers to bring in 6 empty products (cleaners, shadows, blushes, lipsticks etc) and in return you can choose from a lipstick, lipglass or a single eyeshadow. Their products are expensive but it kind or works out because when lipsticks expire or powders, I drop them off and they track how many items I have left to get a free lipstick. You can get any lipstick excluding special packaging and viva glam – and you know MAC is the best for colors and finishes in lipsticks.

Before I went into the store, I have about 5 lipsticks that I wanted in mind Cherish, Taupe, Mocha, Really Me & Persistence. Taupe, Cherish, Mocha & Persistence are all nudes and the same tones that I already owned and Really Me was too similar to my Urban Decay Lipstick in Oblivion. I was so glad that she took the time to talk to me and sanitized everything for me (she knew I worked at Sephora). Anyway I got my lipstick and was on my way, and on my way out I was in Macys and looked at their lip liners and realized that none of my liners would match my new lippie. The girl at the MAC counter was the girl who matched me for foundation last time so I trusted her opinion on what liners to get and she picked out Soar for me – which is a cult favorite.

When I got home I was so excited to put my new lipstick on (does anyone else feel that way) seriously, I truly live by my blog name haha. I put some lipstick on and loved the way my lips looked because its a different color for me.


Here are the swatches of the liner and lipstick:



Thank so so much for reading, I used this lip combo in a look please let me know if you would like to see a look I did testing newish products.





9 thoughts on “New Lip Combo

  1. These lipsticks are so pretty!! I’m dying to try MAC lipsticks, there isn’t a MAC counter near me so I’m saving for my next trip! Loved this post, will keep an eye out for this shade when I (finally) go to Newcastle for the nearest MAC counter! Xo

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      • Yeah, I know, I’m a disgrace! πŸ˜‚ There about 16/17 pounds here, which is more pricey cos drugstore is only about Β£5! Please do!! I’m turning 21 next month and asked for money so I can go out and buy all this lovely makeup and MAC is on my go-to list but I just don’t know what to get!! Xo

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      • Yeah, I’ve heard it’s worth it though! I’m looking forward to giving it ago! Thank you muchly lovie, I’ll keep an eye out for it! Xo


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