My thoughts on the Morphe 35O

Okay so after using my palette for a week, I can finally share my thoughts on it. Okay so I like this palette, the pigmentation is great for the price point BUT I hate the shimmer shades. The formula must be different for the mattes and shimmers because the matte shades are so bomb. I love throwing the matte shades into my crease or to even make a subtle smokey eye. There is some powder kick up but its pigmented enough with one dip of the brush. They also feel very buttery to the touch. For the shimmers, they look so great in the pan but some of them are very dry feeling to the touch if that makes sense. They swatch nicely on the finger, but when you try to pick up some color on the brush it’s a whole different story. I feel myself having to dig super hard into the pan to get a decent amount of pigmentation. In addition to this, when I get the product onto my eye there is so much fall out its crazy. The shimmer shadows create little balls of product that just sits on the lid and it looks unflattering. I’ve tried using it with some Mac Fix+ but the result is still the same. I guess I’m just used to the formula of my Anastasia shadows that my expectations are higher. But, for $22.99 you can’t go wrong with this palette. I just wished that I had bought the 35O Matte instead because a lot of the pretty colors are shimmers.

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