My MAC Lipsticks

Hi gals / guys!!! I know the whole liquid lipstick thing is so in trend right now but honestly, I have been getting right back into lipsticks in bullet form. Don’t get me wrong, I love liquid lipsticks because they stay on all day and are completely matte but I missed the way MAC lipsticks smell and how easy the applications and re applications are.

For any of those who don’t know what MAC lipsticks smell like, vanilla and cosmetics. Its the weirdest thing but the smell is MAC’s signature. These lipsticks retail for $17 US and you get 3 grams of product per tube. It might not sound like a lot, but really how many of you have actually gone through an entire lipstick? I have yet to get through a lipstick I am so close! Now, the thing I love the most about MACs lipsticks (besides the smell) is they have SO many different colors and finishes. They have 9 different lipstick finishes:

  • Matte: the original matte finish
  • Retro Matte: mattest matte finish
  • Lustre: semi-gloss finish
  • Satin: velvet sheen finish
  • Amplified: creamy high coverage finish
  • Frost: metallic pearl finish
  • Glaze: glossy veil finish
  • Cremesheen: high-shine finish
  • Metallic: metallic finish


Currently, I have 6 lipsticks and there is ALWAYS room for more!

Whirl: Dirty Rose, Matte Finish

Velvet Teddy: Deep-tone Beige, Matte Finish

Yash: Deep neutral, Matte Finish

Honey Love: Light Beige Toned with Rose, Matte Finish

Peach Stock: Creamy Beige Peach, Satin Finish

Mehr: Dirty Blue Pink, Matte Finish


Here are the swatches of them all in order:



You can obviously see that I love my nudes and I kind of stick to the same tone when it comes to lipsticks. I get the most use out of YashVelvet Teddy and Honey Love. If I had to pick one I would definitely pick Yash. 5 of my lipsticks are matte finish and they definitely are matte and they aren’t overly drying like a matte lipstick would be. They stay on my lips all day and it’s so creamy making reapplying it easy. The only Satin finish I have is Peach Stock, which is a pale peachy nude, I love applying this one over a matte beige nude lip liner to make my lips look juicy! This lip color looks great on its own especially because I’m tan right now so my lips really pop! As for the formula, I was worried that Satin will be slippery and disappear off my lips but it held on all day and looked great without touch ups.


I definitely would recommend MAC lipsticks to anyone who hasn’t tried them yet, cough cough, Jemma Love haha. I have a few that are on my list-

Really Me: Muted Neutral Pink Matte Finish


Spirit: Muted Pinky-Beige Brown Satin Finish


Cherish: Soft Muted Peachy-Beige Satin Finish

Mocha: Peachy-Yellow Brown Satin Finish


Blankety: Soft Pink Beige Amplified Finish

Photo credit: Temptalia


I hope you have found this somewhat helpful or interesting. What are some of your favorite lipstick shades, or leave some recommendations down below in the comments! Thank you so much for reading!


12 thoughts on “My MAC Lipsticks

  1. I’ve definitely heard many youtubers rave about Velvet Teddy and I can see why! It’s a beautiful shade. I also love the look of Honey Love. I might have to get those two.. I have only bought one MAC lipstick because I wanted to try out the formula, however it is a crazy barbie pink so I don’t wear it a lot.

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  2. I love mac lipsticks, the quality is so good and they are really long lasting with little bit of lip primer 😝 I need to try Whirl, it looks so pretty!! xx


  3. Absolutely lovely swatches!! I love that you described the descriptive naming of the products

    This is an amazing post!!

    I’ve posted a blog comparing MAC with its dupe which I think you’ll enjoy!! So feel free to have a look! 💕


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